woman on bench in rain“Why do bad things happen to me? Why am I always the most unfortunate? Why can’t I be happy and lucky like all other people I know? Why always me?”

If you’re like me, you may have come to wonder the exact same as mentioned above at times. The answer is so easy, yet it takes time to sink in! Don’t worry though, as by the time you read this till the end, you will have all the answers to the questions above, and you will also be able to change your life into a more “lucky” and happier one by applying what I’ll be sharing with you here 🙂

Why do bad things always happen to me?

Uptil a couple of months ago I used to cry my eyes out, feeling bad about all things happening in my life. I used to pity myself, feel miserable, and when having to talk about my sadness, I used to pour out negative situations that I had previously experienced in my life which made me feel even more desperate, wondering even more “why me?”…

At one point, a dear friend of mine told me that I was almost enjoying playing the “victim” part. At that time I was almost angry with my friend for not being compassionate towards my lack of luck in life. I mean I was unlucky, I was suffering…how could he not understand?

It was months later, after I started working towards growing spiritually, that I started understanding it all. Among many old beliefs that I started seeing through different light was the concept of The Law Of Attraction. To explain in simple terms how The Law Of Attraction works, imagine that whatever we do triggers a reaction. If for example I am feeling angry, I am firing invisible bullets to the Universe, of anger. What we sow we reap, thus by firing anger bullets, I will eventually be creating other anger issues which will be fired back at me later on.

In my own case, I was pitying myself, feeling bad, feeling sad…the more negative bullets I was firing, the more similar feelings I kept experiencing. Why? Because I was reaping what I was emotionally sowing. It is a vicious cycle, which cannot be broken UNLESS we change our point of view and the way we view life in general!

How can I change my point of view if everything around me goes wrong every time?

miraclesFollow these simple steps and you will see a drastic change in just a few hours!

  1. TRUST: Have faith in this whole process. Think about it. Did worrying ever solve you a problem? Did it ever make things better? I am sure the answer is no. So I am also sure you can agree with me that by worrying, no good can come about. So have faith that from now on, all is okay. Draw a line on the past…the time is now. There is no past, no future. Live in the moment and make the best of it today.
  2. EXPLORE: When something wrong comes up, do not ponder upon the negativity within it. Do not pity yourself. Instead, trust that there is something good in it. Seek that tiny grain of positivity that you can find within that situation and focus on it. Even though it may seem all wrong, something good is always there! Search for that diamond in the rough, that stream in the dry desert, that beautiful rose amongst thorns, that rainbow in the storm. Seek till you find it and focus on it. Count your blessings. Always explore the situation with an open, positive mind. There may be a lesson for you amongst the negative situation, that is there to help you through. Sometimes life keeps bringing up bad situations over and over, simply because we are not open to learn the lessons behind it. Once you do find that lesson and learn from it, you may be amazed that it won’t happen again!
  3. ACCEPT: Accept that whatever happens is for your highest good. Even though you cannot understand why as of yet, you will understand it as time goes by. You will understand it once you open up yourself to the Divine and the Big Picture. Our experiences are all part of the Big Picture which we may not fully understand now, but when we trust in The Source, we know that all is for our highest good.
  4. MOVE ON: Once you accept, embrace and learn from a bad situation, move on. Focus on having a positive mindset. Remember that what you reap you sow, so the more you think positively, the more positivity is sent your way.



Now, notice the first letter of all 4 steps:







We as human beings form a big team, we are all part of this game called life. We are here to learn from our mistakes. If we fall, we have to find the strength within us and get back up on our feet to continue playing in this game. We all have a part in this game. What we do with the time on the playing field is up to us alone, but our actions have an impact on the other players and the results of this game.

It is now up to you how you act on the playing field…when you fall down, do not worry on the dirt that soils your clothing, or the pain in your knees, but look next to you…you will find others who are on your same playing field, who are extending their hands to help you up on your feet again…count your blessings, look up to the score board and say, “Yes I can do it, I can rise again!”

You can, just believe it and you will!


Love & Light to you & yours,





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