spiritual healingSpiritual Healing can be explained in various ways and forms, but here is how I see it…

Firstly I believe there are two types of Healing techniques: One is done through intervention by medics, following Scientific based procedures, whilst the other is done through intervention by an Ultimate Source through a human channel, the latter falling into the Spiritual Healing category.

Spiritual Healing works in a different way than the traditional technique, which may seem complex to understand at first but really isn’t.

Irrespective of what Religious beliefs one may have, there is always one Source that is perceived to be the Ultimate Source, the Beginning of everything, the One holding everything together. The Ultimate Source may be perceived as God, Goddess, The Universe, Jesus, Buddha, other Ascended Masters or more. Beneath this Ultimate Source there are us, humans and other living creatures, all unique but still connected to each other as brothers as sisters through equality.

spiritual healing ascended mastersBetween each and every one of us arises compassion, which activates through empathy and enables us to feel each other’s emotional and physical pain, as well as a need to help ease it.

Through this concept one realises that there is in fact no barrier or space between us, because where there is visibly nothing, there is still that gravitational pull towards each other.

Throughout Spiritual Healing, physical contact between a healer and a patient is not required imminently. During the Healing process, a Healer connects with who he/she perceives as The Ultimate Source through different possible techniques but mostly meditation and visualises Healing Energy flowing from the Source down on him/her. The Healer sees self as a channel, thus this Healing Energy emerging from The Source flows through the Healer, uses that gravitational pull we have towards each other through compassion and/or empathy, and visualises this Healing Energy crossing from the Healer through to the patient, filling him/her with Healing Light. Along with this process the Healer also asks that the patient receives all that is needed of this Energy to help healing, as well as this process being for the Highest Good of all. The Healer should always leave the outcome of the Healing session to the Source.

spiritual healingSpiritual Healing does not just promote the body’s well-being, but also the emotional and psychological well-being. I believe that with every physical illness that manifests through us, there is a Spiritual link as well. Science heals an illness by evaluating physical symptoms, comes to a conclusion by targeting a cause and heals that particular cause through science-based techniques and medicines. Spiritual Healing goes further and deals with the hidden aspects of an illness, allowing them to surface and be dealt with by the patient, thus promoting a self-healing effort through acceptance and understanding, helping the patient to move on in a positive manner.

Spiritual Healing shouldn’t be suggested as a medical replacement, but I do believe that the more Spiritual Healing awareness arises with time, the more we can work towards healing our issues both medically and Spiritually, helping us contribute towards a better, healthier, more compassionate World, one step at a time.

So, if you are looking for a way to heal yourself completely for total wellbeing, thus a healing technique that targets the body, mind and spirit, you should definitely look into the gift of Spiritual Healing.


Love & Light to You & Yours,


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