what happens when we dieWhat happens when we die? This is one question I get frequently, being a medium, mostly from people who come to me after having lost someone close to their heart…

Through this post I would like to give you an insight on what I personally believe happens when we die.

Let me start from the very beginning…

While we are here living on earth, we have a body and a soul. When we die, our body dies, but our soul lives on. Most of us have lived before even though not everyone has past life memories…our soul was the same we have today, but living in a different body.

We have Spirit Guides around each one of us, which some may mistakenly call them Guardian Angels. These Spirit Guides, whether we feel them or not, are there to help us and teach us. I won’t go into detail on Spirit Guides here, as I will leave that to another post.

what happens when we dieWhen we are living, if we make ourselves aware and open to spirit, we can feel and access the guidance that our Spirit Guides have to offer us. But what happens when we die?

When we die, our body dies, but our soul, otherwise known as spirit, meets our Spirit Guides. At that time we start reviewing the life that has just ended. We go through a stage called Healing, where we don’t just review our newly passed life, we also are provided with healing of any past issues. The Healing phase varies in time length. At this point, those who have had a very violent passing may take longer to heal. It is good to note however that the timing in the mentioned reality varies from our own, so days here may translate to just minutes or seconds there.

When the Healing phase ends, we then see what other lessons we have yet to learn. If there are no more lessons to learn, we become Spirit Guides to help others during their times on earth. If however there are more lessons that we have to learn, we get to reincarnate again into another newly born body to go through the lessons we have awaiting us.

It is also good to know that most of us do not reincarnate when our other family members are still living. In fact, almost all family members and friends living in the same lifetime era, would be part of the same soul group, so your kids today may have been your own parents in a previous lifetime, and so on. Once all those we knew in one lifetime pass, then reincarnation can occur. There are some instances when a miscarried baby’s soul reincarnates into another baby within the same extended family.

During our life between lives (when we are in spirit), we also get tasks to do, such as guiding our own loved ones on earth as well as tasks on the other side.

what happens when we dieWhen we grasp this concept it becomes easier to accept whatever turmoil we go through during any lifetime. When things get tough, it is good to remember that we chose our lessons-to-be before we were born, and that we knew at that time that we can handle what we would have to go through eventually. We choose ‘Exits’, which are scenarios on how we will die, before we actually are born. We also choose our parents-to-be, based on what lessons we are choosing to reincarnate for.

When it comes to spirits of our loved ones connecting with us here on earth, they usually can’t connect with us when they are in the Healing Phase, but they can connect with us prior to the Healing Phase and also afterwards. So, if we can’t feel our loved ones in spirit at some particular time, it doesn’t mean they are not around…they are only a thought away especially in times when we feel we need them most.

I would love to conclude this post with this…death may feel hard to most, death may shake our own foundations and rock our mind, body and spirit. This happens because we are in our human self here on earth…but when we realise that our soul lives on forever, as do our loved ones who passed before us, we realise that we are never alone, and that our loved ones are just into a different vibrational level or different reality than ours, but they are still around us nonetheless. They still have the same pattern of thought, same way of speech, same characteristics that they had when around, and if when alive they wouldn’t have loved to see you cry and surrender in front of their own passing, then they still wouldn’t want to see that now, as yes, they can. So if you have lost a loved one, look around you, smile and say, “I know you are around, and I love you still”…be aware of your heart, that warm fuzzy feeling you may get, it is them returning their love to your affirmation.

Hope this helps 🙂

If you have any questions regarding what I wrote above, please feel free to write back in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to answer as soon as possible.


Love & Light to you & yours xxx


p.s. What is written here is based on what I have learned, past life memories and what ideas I have conceived based on my mediumship connection with other loved ones’ spirits and my own Spirit Guides’ guidance. Whether you choose to believe it or not depends on you and only you. I respect other theories and I expect that others respect mine 🙂

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