Ohhhh claire thanks alot ….This reading just made my day! And helped me to realize more dat yes im doing the right thing! Thanks alot once again – Maria O. (Angel Card Reading)


Excellent! Thank you so much! Definitely worth the wait! 🙂 It is exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve been through a lot recently..and lots of changes and feeling a bit lost or unsure with all that’s happened etc …this reading gave me peace and assurance that I’m still on the right track and that I can stop worrying etc. each card pulled was exactly my experience and what I needed assurance of. Thank you again!
I will be rereading this whenever I start doubting or worrying 🙂 – Caroline H. (Angel Card Reading)


I had a wonderful reading today now I know my mom is in heaven. She is watching over me. Thank you so much Claire Galea for sharing your gift with me. xx Linda B (Mediumship Reading)


You will never know just how much this has helped me. I don’t feel like I had time to grieve their passing but is easing things. You have been so accurate with everything you said. This has been amazing. xxx – P. Thomas (Mediumship Reading)


Just had an amazing reading with Claire Galea, she is truly gifted and so lovely xx thank you Claire – C. Adams (Mediumship Reading)


Thank u sooooo sooo much that given me so much closure love and light to u that ment the world xxxx U are truely gifted thank you sooo much xxxx – H. Fullwood (Mediumship Reading)


I would just like to say thank you to Claire Galea. Claire done a reading for me last night, it was wonderful & helped me a lot. Thank you – K. Williams (Mediumship Reading)


Very good reading, well the best off Claire Galea bless u hun xxx best reader so far thank u hun xx – G. J. Shurmer (Mediumship Reading)


Thank you so much for bringing our beautiful mother through you are a STAR Claire bless you Claire you have a very special gift – K. Cope (Mediumship Reading)


Had a reading recently by Claire Galea, was very very happy with what I received. A wonderful lady with such a beautiful gift, amazing in all aspects of this area and have no doubt Claire will just shine and grow even stronger and hoping very much to hear many more connections as what she achieves for us makes our day that little bit more complete… X- A. Rogers (Mediumship Reading)


Fantastic reading really helped the views that’s came through my dad was a legend and will live on through me hope Clare will contact again sometime in the future god bless xxxxx – S. Buckley (Mediumship Reading)