the wounded healer chiron

I Am…The Wounded Healer. Are you a Wounded Healer too?

Especially throughout the last months I was blessed with people crossing my path asking me for help in various situations. I say ‘blessed’ because I sincerely pray to cross paths with those whom I can help in one way or another, so it is something I truly am passionate about.

Back to over a year ago I went through a period in my life where, although my ‘need’ to be of service to others was still there burning within me, my ego started pumping the idea in my head that maybe I was pretending and seeking to do what I shouldn’t be doing in the first place. I mean, come on, who am I to help others? How can I be of service to others if my life has its own pits of darkness? How can I pretend to help someone overcome his own problems when I have my very own to deal with?

That was when I came across The Wounded Healer theory. In Greek mythology, Chiron was the wisest of all Centaurs as well as the archetype of the Wounded Healer. As the myth goes, Chiron was accidentally hit by an arrow with venom. Chiron, being immortal, was supposedly doomed by eternal torment…until while searching for a cure for himself he found how to cure others, which in return helped to alleviate his own pain.

Through Chiron‘s mythical story, I started to realise that yes, I could be of help to others even though my own life has its own ups and downs.

Later in my life I have met a couple of people who challenged me about this, claiming that I should have the perfect healthy life to be able to act like a healer, and this is what I have to say about it…

The wounded healer knows pain through past experiences. While a doctor helps cure a patient through science and technology, the Wounded Healer helps to heal the patient from within by going deeper. The wounded healer connects with the patient through empathy (that allows the healer to feel the patient’s pain) and compassion (that arises from the healer’s past similar experiences). The patient feels this deep connection and care from the Wounded Healer, which opens up the door to the patient’s inner healing.

Why am I saying all this?

wounded healer chironBeing a Wounded Healer myself, I know how uplifting it feels to help others that are going through the same painful emotional and physical experiences. I have experienced this bonding, this blissful connection with others who needed to feel understood, cared for and loved. The uplifting sensation that I experience when helping another in this way has time and time again helped me heal my own past experiences, helping me to accept what was and be at peace with it all. So I know through experience that being a Wounded Healer helps both the patient and the healer at the same time.

I believe that if we have compassion within our hearts, and if we seek to spread it to as many in need as we can, then we can help create a better world.

Some may say, “why should I care?”, and though I don’t condemn this kind of attitude, I feel this lacks compassion. We can help spread the awareness that there is no difference between me and you, me and every single creature living in this world…we are one. The more we spread such awareness, the more compassion is spread among us all.

Back to around a decade ago I experienced severe depression. At that time everything around me seemed dark. There were multiple incidents where I even tried to end my own life. Nothing seemed worthwhile any more. I was useless, I was no one, I had no hopes, I had no dreams, I was just skimming through life feeling unworthy and unnecessary. Something stopped me everytime though…

Among these incidents there were particular ones where while planning on how I’m going to end my life, a stranger passed me by and smiled at me. Just a simple smile from a stranger I never had seen before. A smile that ignited hope within me. A smile that told me I am not alone no matter how hard things felt at the time. To this day I still do not know who these strangers were and how they came to be at the right place at the right time, and to this day I remember them and believe in my heart that they were my Angels who helped save my life, whoever they were.

Those incidents made me realise that just a smile can help stop someone from committing suicide, and to this day I make sure that no matter what is troubling me within, I smile at people, I smile at those I know and those I don’t, because I truly believe that like my Angels have helped me live again, I can do the same to others.

Morality of this whole article is that no matter how hard your life may feel at this moment, you can make your life worth living, you can learn how to be a Wounded Healer by smiling, hugging those in distress, showing you care to those who feel alone, patting a shoulder, wiping a tear, squeezing a hand…all simple gestures that sometimes are underrated but that can truly help turn a life around.

So do not be afraid to act like a healer through these simple gestures, even if your life has its turmoil…be a Wounded Healer and I guarantee it will help uplift you in the process!

Much love & light to all