paranormal activity“Help! Paranormal activity at home!”

It is extremely troublesome for anyone experiencing paranormal activity at home. Firstly many tend to doubt the existence of ghosts, so those experiencing such phenomena tend to find themselves being doubted. Secondly, there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to paranormal activity.

The purpose of this blogpost is that of giving detailed information about paranormal activity sources such as the so-called ghosts, demons, entities and spirits, as well as how to act and what you can do to lessen or distinguish paranormal activity at your home.


Ghosts, Demons, Entities and Spirits

Let’s start from the basics. What are ghosts, demons, entities and spirits?

Basically, all paranormal activity is caused by spirits. There are two types of spirits…there are what we call spirits “of the light”, which are spirits of those who have passed and moved on into the light, otherwise known as higher level vibrational spirits.

Then there are also those spirits that are not of the light, spirits who choose not  move on and instead stay here around us, most of the times in the areas where their death happened. Such spirits are also called lower vibrational level entities.

Without getting much into religious beliefs, since I do respect all different religious beliefs, having been doing mediumship for quite a while now, I see paranormal activity in a different way.

Many believe that once we die, we move on to either heaven or hell. What happens when we die? My opinion is that once we die, our body dies while our soul moves onto a different vibrational level. Heaven, hell, or call it whatever you like, it is among us, on earth, but just in a different vibrational level.

Higher vibrational level entities do not cause harm. If their presence is felt, it is usually them just lingering around. Such entities include our loved ones who come to visit us and bring us comfort whenever we are needing it, just by their presence.

On the other hand, lower vibrational level entities are usually those souls whose passing included drugs, excessive alcohol, violent sudden deaths, suicides and such drastic passings. Most paranormal activity that feels wrong and/or worrying is mostly caused by such lower level entities.

So ghosts, demons, entities and spirits, they are all spirits, spirits from different vibrational levels.


How To Diminish Or Eliminate Paranormal Activity

The following are different methods that one can try to either diminish and/or eliminate paranormal activity in any location. So if you, reading this article, have been experiencing paranormal activity at your own residence, I suggest you try some or all of the methods mentioned below.


paranormal activityMethod #1: Smudging

Burn white sage and distribute the smoke all around the house, in all corners. You can open up your windows after you are done. Needless to say, take precautions while using this method for safety reasons (flames / breathing problems).


Method #2: Glasses of Water

This is a method that world renowned medium John Edward speaks of in his book Infinite Quest. Basically, fill in glasses with water and leave around the house in areas unreachable by pets and/or kids. Water absorbs negativity. Any negativity around the house may be absorbed into this water. You may be able to see this negativity in small fixed bubbles that form into the water. Leave for a couple hours or a day or two, and afterwards just pour the bubbled water into the toilet or directly into the drain. Do not give to kids, pets or plants.


Method #3: Avoiding Alcohol & Drugs

Lower level entities are troubled souls. They are attracted mostly to those of us who are vibrating at a lower level. We are body, but we are also a soul. Our soul is energy. Energy is a vibration. When we are feeling happy, grateful, excited, we are vibrating at a higher vibrational level. However, when we are feeling low, depressed, sad, we are vibrating at a lower vibrational level. Doing drugs or excessive alcohol causes the user to vibrate at a lower level frequency, which in return attracts entities from a lower vibrational level. Thus, avoiding alcohol and drugs helps to keep lower level entities away.


Method #4: White Light Protection

Each morning when you wake up, imagine yourself encircled into a bubble of pure white light. Know that all that comes through and out of this bubble is positive.


Method #5: Protection Mantra

Make use of a simple mantra that you can recite every time you feel you need extra protection. “I encircle myself in pure white light of love and protection. Nothing negative can come to me and nothing negative can come out of me. I am completely protected from any outside negative energies and effects”


archangel michaelMethod #6: Call On Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is also known as the protector. Call on Archangel Michael when you feel you need protection from any lower level entities. Ask Archangel Michael to remove any lower level entities from your home, and don’t forget to thank him for his help.


Method #7: Know Your Power (Vetting All Entities)

Perhaps the most important method of all. Know your power. You have all necessary power over spirits. You can commend them to get out of your house and get out of your life, and they have to listen. Remember, spirits feed on fear and depressive emotions. If they feel you are afraid of them, they will keep on haunting you. Instead, know your power. Assert your boundaries. If you don’t want them around ask them to leave, politely, not in an angry voice, but strongly.

Never start communicating with spirit before vetting. Vetting is about asking spirit whether they are of the light or not. Lower level entities are also tricksters. They know your weaknesses, so if you are soft hearted they may play a game and try to make you feel sorry for them. They lie. Start by asking them, “Are you of the light?” That is one question they are bound to answer truthfully. If you feel the answer is yes, then you may allow them to stay, but if the answer is no, then ask them to leave. Do not communicate with them. They are not worth your time. Remember, these tricksters will try to befriend you so eventually they can start feeding off your energy till they deplete you of your own energy. So put your feet down sternly from the beginning.


There you go, seven methods to help diminish or eliminate paranormal activity! Whichever methods you feel drawn to trying, do so with complete faith in yourself. If you believe in what you are doing, then it will work. Trust in yourself and your ability. Your house, your rules.


Much love and light to all,