rise katy perryThanks to my website I meet people on a daily basis who are struggling. Most of these people write to me saying they feel they have no way out, they are stuck, and all they see is darkness in their lives.

If you are one who are currently feeling the same way, then please do not hesitate to reach out. Feel free to contact me. Your first step is to reach out, to talk out your troubles, to have someone who can listen and hear your cries.

Once you voice your thoughts, you will start feeling a little bit better. Then you need to learn what to do to rise from that spot of darkness.

The most important thing when trying to rise is to believe in yourself. Believe that you can do it. Believe that you are strong enough.

Years ago I have been in a similar situation. I felt I had no way out. There was no hope for me. I felt it would be best for everyone if I just let go and left this world. I remember clearly those weeks of darkness. They seem neverending, breathless, deperation with no end. The only thing that kept me on my feet was my belief that everything happens for a reason. I knew that without doubt. And it was thanks to that phrase that I had been working on for prior years that I managed to rise.

So to you reading this post today, if you are in a similar dark phase, please do not let go. Hold on. Believe in you, you have all the strength that you need in order to rise again.

Start by asking for help. Go to people who you know will support you whatever phase you are in. Go to people who believe in you.

If you feel the need for some healing, I also do suggest you to have a session of Distance Healing, which can help boost you up to feel better. No matter where you are in the world, distance healing can help you with whatever issue you may have. It will uplift you.

Finally, believe in yourself. Believe in your strength. Believe that you can do it, because you really can.

Sending you much love to help you through <3

Leaving you with this song, which I’m sure will help you feel a bit better…