Madeline Stuart Down Syndrome Model is changing the world with each photoshoot!

Madeline Stuart down syndrome modelHow? See, Madeline Stuart  is no ordinary girl. Madeline, a 19 year old aspiring model from Brisbane, Australia, has Down Syndrome, and as many with this condition struggle with weight, so did she.

However, Maddy two years ago decided that she wanted to chase her lifelong dream of becoming a professional model, and so her amazing journey started. She not only changed her image by becoming healthy and losing weight. She started to change the way that people discriminate those with conditions or disability through her work as a professional model.

One can immediately see how aspiring Madeline Stuart is. She changes the perception of beauty, photo by photo, achievement after achievement. In fact, Madeline Stuart just finished Caspian Fashion week in Russia and she is currently in Uganda working to change people’s perspective on disabilities.

Madeline Stuart is also the ambassador of a dance company for people with disabilities, which you can also help grow through Maddy’s own Go Fund Me page by sending a donation for such a great cause!

Madeline Stuart down syndrome modelAs you can surely agree with me, such a wonderful and amazing young woman surely has behind her a loving and supportive mother, and this mother is none other than Rosanne Stuart. I asked Rosanne to share a message to the mothers of kids with ‘special abilities’ on how to let these wonderful kids explore their full potential, and this is what Rosanne told us…

“I think it is very important that we love and cherish our children but it is more important to let them live, to experience life in a safe and challenging environment. I for one was very overly protective for many years but over time I learnt to let go a little and let Maddy live and make most of her own decisions. When I was 19 I was completely independent and had left home and was living on my own so when I get scared about what Maddy is now wanting to experience I just make sure I consider that she is safe and also the fact she has the same rights as me. She experiences the same feelings of love a excitement so why shouldn’t she also have the experiences I had. My hardest obstacle was when she got a boyfriend but then I realised we all deserve to love and be loved so what right did I have to stop it as long as I knew she was happy and safe” – Rosanne

I also asked Madeline to share a message to those who have a dream but are afraid of not being able to make it come true, and the lovely Madeline replied as follows…

“Don’t ever give up on your dreams, if we don’t dream we will never have anything to look forward to. Life is an adventure of ups and downs and it can all be fun if we don’t give up”- Madeline

I would like to thank Rosanne and Madeline Stuart for sharing such wisdom with us and with the whole World. Maddy, keep on changing the world as you are! You are young, ambitious, talented and amazing in such a unique and wonderful way! Keep on shining!!

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