signs of emotional abuseIf you have found your way to this article, then most probably you are going through some form of relationship abuse. Signs of emotional abuse are easy to spot. It is also good to note that emotional abuse can happen by a spouse, a husband/wife, a sibling, a parent…every type of relationship can possibly show signs of emotional abuse.

Here you will find a list of the most common signs of emotional abuse that can happen in different types of relationships:

  • Jealousy – “Are you meeting someone else?” “Did you meet someone when outside?” “Why are you so nicely dressed up?” Such questions are usually signs of jealousy. You may be constantly made to think that you are doing wrong by being presentable, or you have to phone him/her before you go out and after, so your whereabouts are controlled all the time.
  • Possessiveness – “You have to answer every time I call you…why didn’t you answer?” You are made to feel that you have to answer to him/her all the time. You feel as if you are possessed by the person who should love you. You feel restricted, controlled.
  • Bad Tempers – You are made to feel as if you are the reason you fight. It is as if you cause him/her to get angry with you due to what you do.
  • Verbal Abuse – You are called names, accused of being a whore, of having affairs, of meeting other men/women behind his/her back, even if it is because you took a bit more time than usual shopping for groceries.
  • Controlling Behaviour – You may be checked from head to toe to control what you’re wearing when you go out. Yes, even underwear colour. Or take pictures and send them so you can verify your whereabouts.
  • Controlling Work / School – You may be asked to stop going to school/work. This does not mean you’re just told to do so. Most times going to work/school will result in unlimited phonecalls, which will cause you to be fired from school/work, big arguments when you’re back home, which will make it unworthy for you to endure after a day’s work/lectures.
  • Financial Control – You may be controlled financially. Either asked to hand in all your allowances gained through work, or else given only a small amount and required to do all shopping from it. Obviously this amount is usually not enough and once again you are blamed for spending too much money.
  • Demeaning – You are constantly made to feel as if you are nothing. You are unworthy, you are unlovable, you are fat…list is endless. This can be done either privately or also in public.

If you are enduring any of these signs of emotional abuse, then first step is to admit that you are in an abusive relationship. Whoever the abuser is, be it a spouse, a friend, a partner, a parent…nobody should be treated the way that you are being treated!

Seek help, seek people you fully trust. Make a plan. You shouldn’t go through abuse, even if you have children. You may think that for your children’s sake you shouldn’t leave…well your children are an extra reason to leave. Look at them, do you want them to grow up feeling they should endure abuse as well because its the way to go? Of course not! Take a stand. Your life counts.

If you don’t know from where to start, I have compiled an ebook just for you, that will guide you towards making a stand and stopping the abuse once and for all. Check out Heal Your Life Forever ebook and learn how you too can make your voice heard and stop the abuse once and for all.

Blessings to you, my friend, and remember, you ARE worthy of love <3

signs of emotional abuse