What are Angel Numbers?

what are angel numbersAngelic guidance is there for all of us. The problem is that sometimes we do not listen. This can happen if we find it hard to connect with the Angels, and also for a number of factors such as daily problems and stress.

The easiest way for the Angels to communicate with us humans is through Universal Languages of Music and Numbers. Numbers hold different vibrational frequencies, and through these frequencies the Angels speak to us by showing us different number sequences over and over again. This could show through numbers appearing on car numberplates, digital time and so on. When we open our eyes to the Angels’ messages, we notice that they are always there. All we need to do is to open our eyes and be open to their messages.

Here below you will find the most frequent number sequences which you can click. With each number you will find an explanation of the number’s meaning as well as a message channeled for you through the Angels. Enjoy!












If you think the Angels are trying to convey a message to you but you cannot understand what, or you feel you need some answers into your life, then you can ask for an Angel Card Reading as it will help answer your questions.