The following is a channeled message of Archangel Josiel (also known as Archangel Jophiel).

This message has been specifically channeled to all of you who are feeling lost at this particular time. Many of us are undergoing changes, so deep that they are rocking our deepest foundations, making us feel lost, confused and unsure of our next steps…

If you have found your way onto this page, do keep reading, for this message may have been specifically for you. Feel Archangel Josiel’s love and light embrace you as you read through. You are NEVER alone. Remember that the Angels cannot interfere with our own free will, but whenever we do call upon them for help and guidance, they are always willing to help.

Here is Archangel Josiel’s channeled message…


Archangel Josiel Channeled MessageYou, my dear, are light. You can do great things in your life. You can impact many lives through your humble way of living.

You bring peace into the world by being you. You can do things on a larger scale, but you still need to believe in yourself.

To believe in yourself you need to shed your chains from the past. You need to let go and flow like the river water flows, allowing cleaner water to wash the segment at the bottom of the river bed. It is hard, my child, but you can do it.

You deserve happiness. You have sacrificed your life to make others happy. Now it is time to move on and seek your own happiness no matter what.

All you have been through has molded you into the being you are today. You had to go through all this in order to realise your true potential.

You, my dear, are the one. The one that can do miracles, not only in your life, but also in others’ lives, others who surround you.

Do not be afraid to take a leap of faith.

Yes, you may feel guilt about doing something for yourself, but how can you let your own love shine truly if you don’t know how to love and respect yourself enough to walk away from all that is hurting you?

How can you be the guiding light that you are if you can’t find it in your heart to let go of all that is keeping you chained to your past?

Do not be afraid. Have faith. You will not be abandoned in your life because we will always be around you no matter what. We will always surround you with light and love so you won’t feel alone.

Breathe. Live the present and create the life you want. No matter how it has been so far. No matter how hard it is to let go, you can start today and create the life of your dreams. Every day is another chance to make it count. Every day you can start new. Every day is another chance to pave a new life, a new destiny.

My child, you deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel loved, appreciated and rejoiced every single day, for you are love. You are special. You are unique in your own wonderful way.

Be yourself. Never change, for you are  a true guiding light.

Pursue your dreams and your deepest desires. Silence your mind when you feel lost and we will help you find the way through your innermost thoughts. You already know the way, you just need to listen to your heart and trust your inner self.

You are on the right path. Trust that you are loved by all the Angelic Realm. Know that you are never alone, and when in doubt just call us and we’ll surround you with love and positivity, so you can find your way back into your own path.

We believe in you,


Josiel – Angel of Light



Much love and light to all <3 xxx