FREE Angel Card Reading from November 16th to November 22nd 2015

free angel card reading, free card reading, free angel readingAs we start this upcoming week, some of us are still quite shocked about what happened in Paris. A quick look at the media shows us a whole array of emotions varying from anger to retaliation.
It is for this reason that this week I have prayed to the Angels to give us all a message on how to heal the emotional trauma that most of us are carrying with regards to what happened, to illuminate us on how best to act when confronted with such traumatic events.
Laughter is the best medicine. With this card the Angels are telling us that by sinking into negative emotions, the world will not benefit in any way. In these times where darkness seems to be taking over, the best thing that we can do is to keep positive.
The Angels remind us that we should let nothing dull our sparkle. We have come on earth at this point in time because we have been chosen to keep the flame of hope going.
So this week, instead of letting ourselves sink into the negative drama that is unfolding, let us stay positive. Release any fears to the Angels and ask that they fill you with their loving, compassionate, healing energy so that you can also help in keeping a positive outlook on life no matter what.
May you have a peaceful and healthy week ahead.
Angel blessings and much love to all <3

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