setting personal boundariesDo you find yourself accepting challenges you never thought you would? Or agreeing to do things you never wanted to do?

If yes, then you may have weak boundaries, so you need to work on setting personal boundaries to increase self respect and to stop doing things you never wanted to do.

Setting Personal Boundaries in 4 Steps

  1. Develop a set of rules that you want to abide with. Think about what you can accept and what you can’t. Know your limits and promise yourself that from this point on, you will be setting such boundaries to respect your own ideals;
  2. Observe any requests that you may be presented with. In your mind review your personal boundaries…is this compliant to your boundaries? Or does it go against your wish? If it is compliant then go ahead and accept it, if not…
  3. Indicate that you will let the request pass for the time being. If the person is pushy, do not be ashamed to say no. Your time is worth it, your wishes are important, your happiness should be respected; If needed let the person know that you will not be doing that, not now, not ever. Do not feel guilty or ashamed to say no. You have the right to decline anything that you feel you shouldn’t do;
  4. Comply with your boundaries. If you said no, then no it is. Do not go back on your words. Breaking your rules will make you look like a weak boundary person, and the one who helped you break your own rules will undoubtely be coming for more, making you weaken your boundaries further.

setting personal boundariesMake sure you follow these four steps to setting personal boundaries to ensure your boundaries are kept strong at all times.

If you are sensitive to spirit such as being psychic or a medium, you can use the same setting personal boundaries techniques with spirit as well. These work with both the living and the dead. Remember that at all times spirit has to abide to your rules, and if you ask spirit to leave you alone, spirit has to (as long as your boundaries are strong).

Hope this helps!


Love & Light xxx

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