rhodocrosite crystal propertiesRhodocrosite Crystal Properties

Rhodocrosite Crystal Properties include relief of irritations which cause various illnesses such as asthma, allergies and migraines, but also helps the circulation, blood pressure, cardiovascular system, skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and other infections.

Rhodocrosite Crystals are said to help with sexual organ disorders and increase libido.

On an emotional level, Rhodocrosite Crystal Properties include healing of fears, panic attacks and paranoia, promoting relaxation in oneself to help with expression of love and happiness. Similarly, Rhodocrosite Crystals increase uncoditional love full of compassion, help uplift one’s attitude, helps hopes and creativity flourish, promotes smooth communication and cooperation and opens up any closed chakras especially the heart chakra.

On a psychic level, Rhodocrosite Crystals increase telepathy abilities, allowing one to hold this crystal while calling the name of lost loved ones (people and also pets) which helps bring long lost union.

Rhodocrosite Crystal Associations

  • Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra
  • Bright Pink Candles
  • Fire Element
  • Anise, Cedarwood, Nutmeg, Orange, Rose


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Please note that crystal properties are listed for information purposes only. Crystal healing should never replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.

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