photo readingA picture can tell a story…but a photo reading can tell you much more!

Photo reading is done in in a similar way to mediumship readings. Through the help of my guides I can pick up traits, problems, and rarely but also possibly may connect with the spirit of any of your crossed over loved ones.


Why should I get a photo reading?

A photo reading of yourself can help detect any emotional, physical or spiritual barrier that you may have encountered, even subconsciously.

Do you ever feel you have mixed emotions? Do you ever feel sad or depressed but you don’t know why or what made you feel that way? Photo readings may help you by giving you an insight on what may be rooted inside you, as well as provide you insight on how to deal with the root problem and even overcome it. It makes you feel happy and more at peace with yourself through helping you understand yourself better.


Can you read the picture of a person I know?

Yes I can, but it’s not ethical to read others’ pictures without their consent. For this reason, before each photo reading I do, I ask my spirit guides to give me information on the person in the photo ONLY if it is for the highest good of all. Thus, if you send a picture of someone else without his or her consent, that wouldn’t be for the highest good of all and would provide no information or possibly give totally wrong information. So DO NOT order photo readings for someone else. You would be spending your time and money for nothing. After sending a payment, make sure you upload a clear picture of yourself and state your real name on the same form. All information received will be treated in the most confidential manner possible.


How can I get a photo reading for myself?

Simply click on the paypal button below and pay Eur25 for your photo reading. After payment is sent, you will be redirected to another page where you will be required to upload a picture of yourself. Any photo of yourself will do, but it is always best to upload a very recent picture of you.

You will receive your photo reading in your inbox. Please do make sure that the email you provide me with is correct so as to make sure you receive your reading safely.

After a photo reading you may wish to communicate back regarding anything mentioned in the reading. Feel free to do so by replying to the email reading as soon as possible. Please do allow up to 3 days for the reading to be done and sent to you.

In case you do not receive the reading from me after 5 days please contact me again as sometimes they get lost in my spam mail.



1 Personal Photo Reading for Eur25