peridot crystal propertiesPeridot Crystal Properties

Peridot Crystal Properties include acting as a wonderful rejuvenating crystal on the whole body inside out (both the aura and mind). Peridot Crystals are also very helpful to those suffering from bi-polar disorder as well as hypochondria. Similarly, Peridot crystals can be put on the heart chakra to help release old pains, guilt or obsessive emotions, as well as removing  jealousy and resentment from the heart.

Peridot Crystals are the stones to use during childbirth.

For those who keep overspending, keeping Peridot in your purse or with your credit card can help calm down and rationalise before doing so. Peridot is also the go-to stone for times of seeking good bargains, as it helps bring good fortune, money and wealth, as well as love.


Peridot Crystal Associations

  • Heart Chakra
  • Olive Green Candles
  • Earth Element
  • Lavender, Olive, Patchouli, Pine


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Please note that crystal properties are listed for information purposes only. Crystal healing should never replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.

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