Inner Conflict For The First Time In Forever

for the first time in forever inner conflictFor the first time in forever…

Yeah, if you’ve seen Disney’s Frozen you probably already know what I’m talking about, and if you’ve been following my blog for quite a while, you know that most of my inspirations do come from movies and songs.

Frozen has actually inspired me quite a lot, and there is yet another article in the pipeline related to this movie 😉


Inner Conflict? What does it have to do with Disney’s Frozen’s For The First Time In Forever reprise?

If you haven’t already, I suggest you watch this first…



Now that you’ve seen the video, here are some of the inspirations I got from it…


Inner Conflict

As you could see, the song features two sisters, Anna, a completely unpredictable young woman, and her sister Elsa, a newly crowned queen with an uncontrollable ability to freeze  things.

The featured song shows a particular conflict…Anna has complete faith in her sister, while Elsa is driven by extreme fear which leads her to almost destroy her own sister unintentionally.

For The First Time In Forever reprise reminds me of the inner conflict we tend to have every now and then. How many times do we find ourselves immersed in conflicting emotions…I can do this, but I can’t…I should do this, but I won’t…I want but I’m not worthy enough…

With each conflicting issue that arises, we are faced with two opposite emotions – positive v/s negative. How are we to know what we should do? How are we to choose the best option for ourselves?

There is a way, and it involves just 3 simple steps…


Step 1: Think

Firstly, calm yourself. Slow down your thoughts and breathe in, breathe out, slowly, till you take a hold of yourself. Once you do so, think. Use your mind. What options do you have? Consider any consequences that may arise with any of your options.

Step 2: Feel

Now that you’ve thought all your options through, it is time to feel. This is the most imp0rtant part of it all. Why? Because what you feel is tied to your intuition, your deeper knowledge. Your feelings are the voice of your own soul, which knows what is best for you. If you have built enough trust in your own intuition already, then you know that when something feels wrong, it probably is, and when it feels right, it also most probably is too. So although logic helps with decisions, do listen to what your soul has to say by hearing its voice through your intuition. Ask yourself, will this make me feel better? Will it help me be more true to who I truly am? And keep in mind that whatever decisions you need to take, you have to take them for yourself. So never focus your decisions on how others will feel or what others will say of you.

Step 3: Go!

Now that you know what your soul truly wants, just go for it! Follow your heart and make your dreams reality! Be yourself! Be who you want to be! Let your true self shine! And most importantly, do not let anyone get between you and your own dream…go for it


Silence your thoughts, Listen to your mind, Feel with your heart

and GO after your dreams

and for the first time in forever…

You Will Be Completely FREE!


Positive v/s negative is mostly happiness v/s fear. Learn to recognise what you feel, whether the feelings you get are related to happiness or to fear, and by this you will know how to choose the most positive options for yourself at any given time and any given circumstances.

Remember, as long as you listen to your soul’s voice through your intuition, you will always make the right choice. Your soul knows what is for your own highest good, while living in the present and accepting that all is as it should be and that all that comes to you is at the right time, allows you to be at peace, no matter what your current surroundings are.

Hope this blogpost today helps any of you who may be feeling uncertain about what path to take and what choices to make.

Much love and light to all <3


First Time in Forever, Reprise
From Disney’s “Frozen”

Please don’t slam the door
You don’t have to keep your distance anymore
‘Cause for the first time in forever
I finally understand
For the first time in forever
We can fix this hand in hand
We can head down this mountain together
You don’t have to live in fear
‘Cause for the first time in forever
I will be right here

Please go back home
Your life awaits
Go enjoy the sun
And open up the gates
You mean well
But leave me be
Yes, I’m alone but I’m alone and free
Just stay away and you’ll be safe from me

Actually, we’re not

What do you mean you’re not?

I get the feeling you don’t know

What do I not know?

Arendelle’s in deep, deep, deep, deep snow
‘Cause for the first time in forever

I’m such a fool
I can’t be free

You don’t have to be afraid

No escape from the storm inside of me

We can work this out together

I can’t control the curse

We’ll reverse the storm you’ve made

Anna, please, you’ll only make it worse

Don’t panic

There’s so much fear

We’ll make the sun shine bright

You’re not safe here

We can face this thing together
We can change this winter weather
And everything will be…

I can’t!

Introducing Me…Nobody Loves Me!

nobody loves meIntroducing me…Nobody loves me!

Such a powerful statement, powerful enough to have made you want to see what this blogpost will be uncovering about me, right?

Well, sometimes life puts us into situations where we feel unloved. Maybe you have fallen in love with someone and giving him/her your all, only to finally realise that you were never enough for this person to give you back their own heart in the same way you did. Maybe this person didn’t appreciate the fact that you have put your life on hold just so you can focus on giving him/her your everything.

In such situations you may feel like you have not just lost the person you love the most, but you have also lost yourself and have nothing left to live for. Maybe you feel unworthy, unloved…you don’t even know who you are anymore.

If you, reading this, can identify with the above, and you find yourself thinking in this same pattern over and over, then STOP…and  here is why…

True, some of us tend to fall in love faster and harder every time we do. Yet we tend to misinterpret the most important thing about love.

Why is it that when we lose love or feel unloved by someone whom we care about a lot, we fall into a depressive state? The answer is simple…because we tie our own happiness with someone else loving us.

Our happiness should never depend on another person’s feelings towards us…

Our happiness should come from the way WE feel about ourselves!

Feeling unhappy and sad and unworthy just because we are being rejected from someone else shows that we are depending on another person to make us feel happy, which shouldn’t be.

love myselfOn the contrary, we need to learn to seek happiness from within us. We need OURSELVES to be the source of pure happiness and bliss. Once we realise this, we learn to accept the love that we are given freely and unconditional, while enjoying a positive attitude no matter what.

This blogpost has been inspired by a friend who has been feeling lost and alone after a painful breakup. He just wanted to let go of life. He felt he had no reason to live any more. He had been living in unnecessary guilt, and whenever he was alone he kept punishing himself by immersing into a depressive state of mind. It is only when he realised his true potential, and that his own happiness depends on himself, that he stood back up and started enjoying life, even though still surrounded by the same depressive situations.

The title of the blogpost…Nobody Loves Me, is quite a negative one. It is also an affirmation in itself. The more one says it (or thinks it), the more one’s heart will keep on being broken, because like the Law of Attraction states, what you put out to the Universe, you are given back. Instead of focusing your happiness on being loved, start from loving yourself enough to know yourself inside out. The more you love yourself, the more you will be loved. Do not be afraid to uncover the true you, for doing so will allow you to attract those capable of loving the uniqueness that is found only within you!

Bottom line, we can choose to be happy and passionate about life no matter who rejects us or what wrongs are done to us. We just have to focus on making ourselves our own best friends. We need to learn who we truly are within, and not what others expect us to be. We need to seek what truly uplifts our souls and follow that fiery passion within our hearts. We need to accept and embrace our own individuality and love ourselves no matter what. We need to take all that comes across our paths as being what is for our own highest good. Only then can we be at peace with all that has been, all that is and all that will be.

I will leave you with a song I find is cute and quite funny as well (I believe it will make you smile :)). For those who have never seen this, it is a soundtrack from Camp Rock 2 – The Final Jam, and it’s where this young guy wants to win the girl’s heart, and here he uncovers quite a lot of things about himself, showing he is proud of who he is…that is how we should strive to be, proud of all that makes us unique, even if in others’ eyes we may seem weird.

Uncover the true you, accept and embrace all that you are, and true love will come your way 🙂

Here is Introducing Me by Nick Jonas…Enjoy!

“Introducing Me”

I’m good at wasting time,
I think lyrics need to rhyme,
And you’re not asking,
But I’m trying to grow a mustache.
I eat cheese, but only on pizza, please,
And, sometimes, on a homemade quesadilla.
Otherwise it smells like feet to me.
And I, I really like you when the moon looks like a toe nail.
And I love you when you say my name.[Chorus:]
If you wanna know, here it goes.
Gonna tell you there’s a part of me that shows,
If we’re close, gonna let you see everything,
But remember that you asked for it.
I’ll try to do my best to impress,
But it’s easier to let you take a guess, at the rest,
But you wanna hear what lives in my brain, my heart,
Well you asked for it,
For your perusing,
At times confusing,
Slightly amusing…
Introducing me!Do do do do do do,
Do do do do do do.
La da da da,
La da da da da da da, da.I never trust a dog to watch my food.
And I like to use the word ‘dude’
As a noun, or an adverb, or an adjective
And I, I never really been into cars.
I like really cool guitars
And superheroes
And cheques with lots of zeroes on ‘em.I love the sound of violins and making someone smile…


Well you probably know more than you ever wanted to,
So be careful when you ask next time.


Do do do do do do,
Do do do do do do.
Do do do do…
Introducing me!


attracting and reflecting positive energyTime and time again it has been shown that the more one practices keeping a positive outlook on life , the more positive abundant situations are reflected back. Many times however we fail to understand how we can attract positive energy in our lives and reflect it outwards to attract such positive outcomes.

If you are struggling with this concept, fear not, for the following steps will help you in doing this in a very easy way!


3 Simple Steps To Attracting And Reflecting Positive Energy

You can now do this easily thanks to the power of an OAT! An OAT is a cereal grain that is quite satisfying, isn’t it?

Yeah, just kidding! But I chose to mention it this way so you can easily remember these three steps quickly whenever you feel the need.

OAT stands for:




Easy to remember, right? Well here is how you can attract and reflect positive energy with an OAT 🙂


observe feelingsStep 1: Observe

The easiest way to start attracting positivity is by keeping an excited positive happy attitude at all (or most of the) time. To do this you must first learn to observe your feelings. So to know exactly whether you are open to positive energy or not, you need to observe your current feelings. Take time every now and then to think…how are you feeling? Are you feeling angry? Annoyed? Stressed? Depressed? Anxious? These are all negative feelings and should be avoided as much as possible, as like the Law of Attraction states, the more negativity you sow, the more you reap, which will return to you more negativity.

On the other hand, if you are feeling happy, excited, full of laughter, then you are on the right track, and if this is your case, then you can stop here and observe your feelings later on in the day.


accepting selfStep 2: Accept

If while observing your feelings in Step 1 you found out you were experiencing negative feelings, then the most important thing is to NOT BEAT YOURSELF for being in that state. It is absolutely normal for everyone to find him/herself trapped in negative emotions. This is where Step 2 comes in…Acceptance. Accept that it is completely normal to feel negative at times. You have started this journey of observance, and that is the BEST thing you could have ever decided to do for yourself, so pat yourself on the back for doing so and move forward to the next and final step…


transform yourselfStep 3: Transform

This is where the MAGIC happens! You have accepted where you’ve found yourself to be, and now you can switch from feeling negative to full-blast positivity! Sounds like hard work? Not at all!!

What you need to do now is to do something that makes you happy, that helps uplift you. Some of these activities include painting, drawing, dancing, singing, writing poetry, writing stories (or blogging like me ;)), shopping, playing with your pets, working out, going for a walk, jog or run, or anything that helps uplift you.

Word of advice…do not choose to do drugs or alcohol…these things actually do not help you, but rather sink you down further into a deeper negative lower vibrational state. These options are never the answer.

Once you find the right activity for you, do it! Once you’re ready, go back to Step 1 and I guarantee that if you chose the right activity for yourself, you are as good as new, in a positive vibrational state that will not only attract positive energy, but also radiate it all around you. This in return helps you attract even more abundance and positive experiences and positive people in your life!

Easy, right?

At first it may feel like a lot of work, doing these steps every now and then during the day, but once you get used to it, you will start putting these steps into action without even thinking about it. It becomes an easy part of your daily routine, I guarantee 🙂

Have fun transforming your life into a magical one! Do not hesitate to ask questions regarding this subject by leaving a comment down below this blogpost, I’d be more than happy to reply as soon as possible!


Much love and light to all <3


P.S. I would like to thank Stephan for requesting an article based on this subject today…Thank You Stephan!

P.P.S. If you have particular questions you’d like answered or featured here on my blog please do not hesitate to contact me…I’d be more than happy to feature a whole blogpost based on your question 🙂

I Am…The Wounded Healer

the wounded healer chiron

I Am…The Wounded Healer. Are you a Wounded Healer too?

Especially throughout the last months I was blessed with people crossing my path asking me for help in various situations. I say ‘blessed’ because I sincerely pray to cross paths with those whom I can help in one way or another, so it is something I truly am passionate about.

Back to over a year ago I went through a period in my life where, although my ‘need’ to be of service to others was still there burning within me, my ego started pumping the idea in my head that maybe I was pretending and seeking to do what I shouldn’t be doing in the first place. I mean, come on, who am I to help others? How can I be of service to others if my life has its own pits of darkness? How can I pretend to help someone overcome his own problems when I have my very own to deal with?

That was when I came across The Wounded Healer theory. In Greek mythology, Chiron was the wisest of all Centaurs as well as the archetype of the Wounded Healer. As the myth goes, Chiron was accidentally hit by an arrow with venom. Chiron, being immortal, was supposedly doomed by eternal torment…until while searching for a cure for himself he found how to cure others, which in return helped to alleviate his own pain.

Through Chiron‘s mythical story, I started to realise that yes, I could be of help to others even though my own life has its own ups and downs.

Later in my life I have met a couple of people who challenged me about this, claiming that I should have the perfect healthy life to be able to act like a healer, and this is what I have to say about it…

The wounded healer knows pain through past experiences. While a doctor helps cure a patient through science and technology, the Wounded Healer helps to heal the patient from within by going deeper. The wounded healer connects with the patient through empathy (that allows the healer to feel the patient’s pain) and compassion (that arises from the healer’s past similar experiences). The patient feels this deep connection and care from the Wounded Healer, which opens up the door to the patient’s inner healing.

Why am I saying all this?

wounded healer chironBeing a Wounded Healer myself, I know how uplifting it feels to help others that are going through the same painful emotional and physical experiences. I have experienced this bonding, this blissful connection with others who needed to feel understood, cared for and loved. The uplifting sensation that I experience when helping another in this way has time and time again helped me heal my own past experiences, helping me to accept what was and be at peace with it all. So I know through experience that being a Wounded Healer helps both the patient and the healer at the same time.

I believe that if we have compassion within our hearts, and if we seek to spread it to as many in need as we can, then we can help create a better world.

Some may say, “why should I care?”, and though I don’t condemn this kind of attitude, I feel this lacks compassion. We can help spread the awareness that there is no difference between me and you, me and every single creature living in this world…we are one. The more we spread such awareness, the more compassion is spread among us all.

Back to around a decade ago I experienced severe depression. At that time everything around me seemed dark. There were multiple incidents where I even tried to end my own life. Nothing seemed worthwhile any more. I was useless, I was no one, I had no hopes, I had no dreams, I was just skimming through life feeling unworthy and unnecessary. Something stopped me everytime though…

Among these incidents there were particular ones where while planning on how I’m going to end my life, a stranger passed me by and smiled at me. Just a simple smile from a stranger I never had seen before. A smile that ignited hope within me. A smile that told me I am not alone no matter how hard things felt at the time. To this day I still do not know who these strangers were and how they came to be at the right place at the right time, and to this day I remember them and believe in my heart that they were my Angels who helped save my life, whoever they were.

Those incidents made me realise that just a smile can help stop someone from committing suicide, and to this day I make sure that no matter what is troubling me within, I smile at people, I smile at those I know and those I don’t, because I truly believe that like my Angels have helped me live again, I can do the same to others.

Morality of this whole article is that no matter how hard your life may feel at this moment, you can make your life worth living, you can learn how to be a Wounded Healer by smiling, hugging those in distress, showing you care to those who feel alone, patting a shoulder, wiping a tear, squeezing a hand…all simple gestures that sometimes are underrated but that can truly help turn a life around.

So do not be afraid to act like a healer through these simple gestures, even if your life has its turmoil…be a Wounded Healer and I guarantee it will help uplift you in the process!

Much love & light to all


FREE Download Louise L Hay ‘How To Love Yourself’

how to love yourself louise l hayYet another gem by the amazing Louise L Hay!

As I mentioned in another recent blogpost I wrote a couple days ago named You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L Hay – A MUST-SEE!, I have recently learned about Louise L Hay who is in my opinion an amazing motivational speaker.

I have found yet another great recording from a Live Audience Louise L Hay hosted in the past, which I am embedding below. It is highly inspirational, and I truly recommend it to all those who have low self-esteem or those who find it hard to love themselves as they should.

You can see the video below that features this amazing recording of How To Love Yourself, but I also suggest you sign up for a free newsletter at Louise L Hay‘s official website at, and in return you will get How To Love Yourself as a FREE Download, so you can listen to it any time you want! I guarantee you will find it very uplifting just as much as I did!


Much love & light to all

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