free angel reading, free angel card readingThis upcoming week, specifically next wednesday, we will be having a New Moon. Traditionally, a New Moon symbolises a start of something new, a new beginning.

Surprisingly, this week’s upcoming Angelic Message comes through the card featured above named ‘Diet Is Important Here’.

For those of us who have been lately thinking of starting a new way of life, a new healthy eating path, this upcoming week may be an ideal time to start. Seek foods that help with clearing you from the inside, such as fruit and vegetables. With nature you are surely safe in your choices! Also try to cut out toxic foods such as junk food, sweets, chocolate and also addictive foods and beverages.

This card however has another meaningful message. So if you haven’t been thinking about food changes lately, this message may be the one for you. See, you may have been having issues with certain people in your life which may be causing toxicity in you. It could be people close to you, friends or family, neighbours or other people you meet frequently. With this card the Angels are suggesting that you let go of those who constantly bring you down. It is okay to be nice and caring, but it is also okay to not let others mistreat you just because you are nice by nature. The Angels ask that you love yourself enough to let go of whatever constantly dulls your life with needless drama.

One word that the Angels are stressing on for this upcoming week is Acceptance. Life may not be always perfect, always in balance. There may be moments where we may be feeling literally pulled down by the constant negativity going on around us. Yet the Angels remind us that it is okay to find ourselves unbalanced every now and then. It is okay to not be perfect every moment of our lives. The important thing is that we accept ourselves, with our limitations, with our mistakes, and accept that no matter what happens and no matter where we slip, we can always get back up and keep on moving. And if we feel like it is too hard, the Angels remind us that they are there to help us whenever we may need an extra push. All we need to do is ask and they will gladly come to assist us.

It is always good to remember that we are actually spiritual beings living a human life. It is not always easy for us to do this, so let us allow ourselves to forgive ourselves when we feel let down by the same actions we do. Let go of any guilt you may be grudging against yourself, accept yourself as doing the best you can do at this point in time, and move on towards a better way of life, with the help and guidance of the loving Angels.

May you have a peaceful and healthy week ahead.

Angel blessings and much love to all <3

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free angel card readingAs mentioned in the past weeks, we are being upgraded energy-wise on a collective level. And once again, the Angels are offering us their loving advice for another week dealing with the setbacks that such upgrade may present us with.

This upcoming week we may find ourselves being once again in an emotional turmoil. Some may feel that life has got tough lately, others may feel neglected or unloved, and there will be some who may feel like they have been let down by people who supposedly care and love them, at times even let down by our own selves.

The Angels are reminding us that such issues may have deep underground roots, roots that head back to past issues, back to our childhood days, and even issues rooted in any one of our past lives.

Now I do know that some may have trouble accepting the theory of past lives, and I respect that. However, issues that may have been unsettled in past lives would still be with us in this current lifetime, so even if you do not believe in such theory, if you go back to your early childhood memories, you will probably find such roots in issues that were experienced by you back at those early childhood days.

In order to stop such issues from occurring to us over and over and over again, we need to be at peace with them. With this card named Forgiveness Heals, the Angels are asking us to find it in our hearts to forgive those who have harmed us in the past. Holding grudges against people who hurt us would keep negative energy flowing around us, which in turn keeps attracting more heartache in our lives. Instead, the Angels are asking us to forgive these people from the past.

It is however important to not let these people bring you down and keep hurting you. It is okay to walk away from people who cause us drama over and over. Remember that we have been created as an image of God, we are love, and so we should respect ourselves enough to walk away from drama.

This means that even if you are being urged to forgive people who hurt you in the past, you should not keep being hurt over and over.
The best way to heal yourself from this ongoing pain is to find a quiet spot, close your eyes and breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in positivity. Breathe out negativity. Once you feel at peace, visualise the person who has hurt you. Imagine a connection from your heart extending to their heart. A pink connection signifying love. Imagine beautiful pink loving energy flowing from your heart to theirs, follow it as it reaches their heart and see this love flowing all around this person. Tell this person that you love them. Tell them that you forgive them for all the pain they caused you. Tell them also that from now on you are respecting yourself enough to accept nothing back from them other than love. Close the connection and be thankful for forgiveness. Repeat the same process if you feel the need to forgive others who have hurt you too.

May you have a peaceful and healthy week ahead.

Angel blessings and much love to all <3

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free angel card readingThroughout the upcoming week, many of us will be feeling the need to think about our lives, to look deeply within us and to assert what is going on well and what isn’t, as clearly indicated in this card named Listen To Your Intuitive Feelings.

Next Tuesday we will be having a Full Moon in Taurus. Being a Full Moon in Taurus, we will be specifically feeling the need to get rid of any earthly issues or things that we do not need in our lives, so some may feel an increasing urge to detoxify their lives, whether it is detoxification from addictions such as unhealthy eating or bad habitual drinking and drugs, and also that of letting go of items around the house or things which we own that we do not need any more.

We may also feel an increased need to let go of toxic relationships, such as people in our lives who continuously pull us down. The Angels want to remind us that any relationship that we have with others, whether it is a romantic or friend relationship, is there to enhance us and not to restrict us from growing to our full potential. It is okay to love yourself enough to refuse to be pulled down over and over again.

So whatever you may feel the need of letting go of this week, do not think with your mind, but follow the voice inside your heart…it is the voice of your soul guiding you. And if in any way you may feel chained and restricted, do allow yourself to break the chains and to free yourself. Have trust that all will be well. You may not have all the needed answers right here right now, but with trust you can spread your wings and fly beyond any restrictions and limitations.

Much love to all <3

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free angel card readingWe are currently going through a lot of energy changes going on around us. Internally we are being re-wired to fit into this life. For those who are sensitive to the energy, this is quite a difficult time to get through, mainly because we feel we are being dragged around in circles trying to cope with all the fast changes going around.

This upcoming week you may feel once again overwhelmed by this fast changing energy around us. More than ever before you may be feeling the need to let go of toxic addictions such as over-eating and toxic cravings and feel an actual NEED to choose a healthier way of life, a healthier lifestyle.

With this card the Angels are reminding us that not only do we feel this urge, but also our bodies are sending us the messages that we need to be able to adjust such cravings. For example, some may get physically sick, some may experience pain…any of these ailments that manifest into our bodies this upcoming week are the ‘signs’ that we are being given in order to find the courage to push ourselves to achieve what is needed. Additional help by the Angels may include inspirational thoughts that help increase our self-esteem and inner courage.

So as the Angels suggest, throughout these upcoming days please do listen to what your own body is trying to tell you, and do not hesitate to ask the Angels for inspiration and guidance. Archangel Michael is very helpful when it comes to cutting addictions, so do pray for his help if you feel the need.

Additionally please also remember to focus on what is positive in life rather than the negative. At such times it is hard to do so, but try to focus on the positivity in life, and with some Angelic help and guidance rest assured that you will make it through in a positive loving way.

Much love to all <3

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lonely heartsIt was past mid April. There I was, my heart beating fast in my chest, fear and anxiety washing over me as I gazed tearfully at the two clear lines in front of me. No, this couldn’t be. How could this be? How could I be so unfortunate? Why was I being punished?

I couldn’t take it. I dropped to the bathroom floor head down, screaming and crying, tearing hair out of my head, wanting the floor to open up below me and swallow me. I didn’t want to face a third pregnancy. How could I be pregnant again?

My mobile phone rang…it was my husband. I screamed into the phone that I’m pregnant. Tears kept flowing out. I couldn’t control myself. I felt as if part of me had died that morning.

I spent that day crying, from morning till dusk. Although all I could see was darkness, yet there was this voice inside of me saying, “Everything happens for a reason”, although I was almost annoyed with that voice in my head…I mean come on, what reason could make this worthwhile??

When I got the courage to stop crying, I dragged myself in front of a mirror. I looked at myself. I was a mess, a total mess. My eyes were almost closed, swollen with all the tears that I had cried all day long. My face was red. I was shaking all over.

Thoughts crept in my head. I started to realise the pain that certain women endure when they get pregnant unexpectedly. Because let’s face it, although there may be women who get pregnant unexpectedly through lack of responsibility, yet there are women who get pregnant unexpectedly through rape, sexual abuse, marital abuse, incest…It led me to understand the fears and pains that may drive certain women to abort their unborn babies, not wanting to have to be reminded of the pain they went through every time they look into their babies’ eyes. Realising this was quite an insight for me, since back in December, just four months before, I had been drawn to dedicate a whole blogpost about abortion and why one shouldn’t abort an unborn child.

Although all these thoughts came to my mind, yet at no point was I even seriously thinking of aborting my baby. I could never ever kill an innocent human being, because as small and ‘insignificant’ it was at that time, yet I knew that a new life had started already within me. If I was given this baby, then I was meant to love and protect it. With each passing hour, that voice in my mind became even more clear…”Everything happens for a reason”.

Weeks started to pass. My pregnancy felt unreal. I had almost no pregnancy symptoms, only just a few. It didn’t feel like my other two previous pregnancies. I was just flowing through life feeling comfortably numb.

Throughout the first four months a whole lot of stuff happened in my life. Certain hard decisions had to be taken. Once again I found myself living a nightmare. Yet through that nightmare I started to realise that this ‘unreal’ pregnancy had indeed happened for a reason. This unborn baby, still unknown, still ‘insignificant’, was there to help put pieces back together. To bring back hope into my life and the lives of those I care about and love the most.

More weeks passed. Friday 25th July arrived. My baby’s ultrasound was scheduled.

Although still not very used to the idea of being half way to giving birth to a baby even though I had already been feeling movements from outside my tummy, yet I felt excited to see what was inside me. So I laid down and looked at the monitor while the nurse beside me scanned my tummy.

There was our baby. Wriggling. Moving. Holding her hands in fists while she moved. “It’s a girl!”. There was our little girl, our little baby. We were witnessing proof that our little one was very much real, very much alive! Looking at her made me realise the beauty of life.

Back in April I had thought that I was being punished by getting pregnant again. Yet looking at our little baby girl made me realise we were yet being blessed with another baby, to love and to cherish.

Back in April I had thought that my life was ending, yet looking at her made me realise that this baby was bringing us new life, new hope.

A new dawn…

Later that day we were trying to find a name for our unborn baby girl. One of our daughters came up with a particular name which felt somehow ‘right’ to me, so I searched for its meaning, and interestingly enough it meant ‘Dawn’. That was the confirmation I needed for the new baby name!

And needless to say, I now can’t wait till the right time comes when I can have our baby with us, part of our family, with our other two beloved girls!

To be honest, I was quite reluctant to publish this new blogpost today, since it is very personal.

Yet I do believe that some who will come across it could benefit from some thoughts behind this story.

Looking back I realise that if I had not worked on myself to be positive in life, I may have ended up either ending my life or the life of an innocent unborn baby. Having trained myself to embrace whatever comes along as being for my highest good made me pick myself back up during times where all seemed dark. Seeing my baby so alive on the ultrasound monitor made me realise what a precious baby I could have lost if I had not learned to accept all that happens as being for a reason, even if it is unknown at the start.

So why am I writing all this here?

Definitely to show you why it is so important to work on being positive and finding that little grain of positivity even in the darkest hours. Yes I did get slammed down by the unperceived reality at that moment in time, yet there was that voice within me all the time, there to console me and to remind me what I had been training myself on for the past couple of years…

Everything happens for a reason!

Want to be able to accept all that comes as is the way I did? Simple. Just train yourself to be grateful. Grateful for the blessings in your life. Grateful for all the good things that happen to you. Say it out loud. There is no such thing as a ‘doomed’ life or a ‘doomed’ destiny. Life is what you make it. Forget the pains, just focus on those little things you are grateful for. The more grateful you are, the more life gives you things to be grateful for. Open yourself up to miracles, and life will give you more miracles.

Be grateful. Love life. Stay positive…always and no matter what 🙂

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