How to build an Angel Altar

What is an Angel Altar?

An Angel Altar is basically a space that you dedicate to the Angels. It can be a table, a corner or even a windowsill if no other place is available.

An Angel Altar can be used as a place to go to for meditation, to pray or to experience a peaceful sensation. I personally also use it for Mediumship and psychic related work as there I feel protected thanks to the loving energy of the Angels.

How to build an Angel Altar

There is no rule on what things to use when deciding on how to build an Angel Altar. There are however a couple of items you can consider in order to make your Angel Altar a pleasant and appealing place for yourself…

  1. how to build an Angel AltarLocation: Where should you build an Angel Altar? Choose a location that appeals for you. Think about utilising a corner or space where you can have quiet time. Keep in mind that if you have appealing items on you Altar, young kids may feel drawn to it, so do take this in consideration.
  2. Motive: What is the ‘ultimate’ motive that made you want to build an Angel Altar in the first place? For me it was a need for a peaceful corner where I would be able to meditate and pray. Luckily enough I found a small statue with two little Angels around the word Peace…which clearly emphasises my motive for Peace. So first find the motive and think about something that you can place on your altar to symbolise your main motive.
  3. The Four Elements: As a dear friend Liz once told me, an Altar should have at least four items representing the Four Elements, namely Air, Water, Fire and Earth. When I built my own Altar I wasn’t quite aware of this, but coincidentially enough I had utilised four particular items, namely a small Water Fountain as the Water element, Candles representing the Fire element, Angel statues representing the Air element as well as Pebbles representing Earth element.
  4. Crystals: Crystals are also something you can consider using on yourAngel Altar. If you are unsure about what crystals would be most appropriate for you, go around different ones and see which one feels most appealing for you for use on your new Angel Altar. Let it come to you and follow your instincts…you won’t go wrong! Personally I felt drawn to Blue Agate when I was choosing crystals for my own altar, and after I got them I checked out their properties and found out they were exactly what I was yearning for at the time! Use as many as you want, just follow your intuition.
  5. Setting the Scene: You surely want your Angel Altar to be an area that sets you in the mood for meditation and prayer…I find that switching off the main lights of the room and lighting just a candle or more helps promote the ideal atmosphere. Personally I find the sound of water flowing is a boost to set me in the mood, which is why I actually put together the water fountain on my Altar.

The most important thing to remember when building an Angel Altar is that this has to be pleasing and appealing to YOU and no one else, so go for what YOU feel should be used.

Last but not least, treat your Angel Altar with respect and love. The more time passes the more your connection with the Angels will increase, and the more you will experience that peaceful loving energy around it.


Love & Light to You & Yours,




spiritual healingSpiritual Healing can be explained in various ways and forms, but here is how I see it…

Firstly I believe there are two types of Healing techniques: One is done through intervention by medics, following Scientific based procedures, whilst the other is done through intervention by an Ultimate Source through a human channel, the latter falling into the Spiritual Healing category.

Spiritual Healing works in a different way than the traditional technique, which may seem complex to understand at first but really isn’t.

Irrespective of what Religious beliefs one may have, there is always one Source that is perceived to be the Ultimate Source, the Beginning of everything, the One holding everything together. The Ultimate Source may be perceived as God, Goddess, The Universe, Jesus, Buddha, other Ascended Masters or more. Beneath this Ultimate Source there are us, humans and other living creatures, all unique but still connected to each other as brothers as sisters through equality.

spiritual healing ascended mastersBetween each and every one of us arises compassion, which activates through empathy and enables us to feel each other’s emotional and physical pain, as well as a need to help ease it.

Through this concept one realises that there is in fact no barrier or space between us, because where there is visibly nothing, there is still that gravitational pull towards each other.

Throughout Spiritual Healing, physical contact between a healer and a patient is not required imminently. During the Healing process, a Healer connects with who he/she perceives as The Ultimate Source through different possible techniques but mostly meditation and visualises Healing Energy flowing from the Source down on him/her. The Healer sees self as a channel, thus this Healing Energy emerging from The Source flows through the Healer, uses that gravitational pull we have towards each other through compassion and/or empathy, and visualises this Healing Energy crossing from the Healer through to the patient, filling him/her with Healing Light. Along with this process the Healer also asks that the patient receives all that is needed of this Energy to help healing, as well as this process being for the Highest Good of all. The Healer should always leave the outcome of the Healing session to the Source.

spiritual healingSpiritual Healing does not just promote the body’s well-being, but also the emotional and psychological well-being. I believe that with every physical illness that manifests through us, there is a Spiritual link as well. Science heals an illness by evaluating physical symptoms, comes to a conclusion by targeting a cause and heals that particular cause through science-based techniques and medicines. Spiritual Healing goes further and deals with the hidden aspects of an illness, allowing them to surface and be dealt with by the patient, thus promoting a self-healing effort through acceptance and understanding, helping the patient to move on in a positive manner.

Spiritual Healing shouldn’t be suggested as a medical replacement, but I do believe that the more Spiritual Healing awareness arises with time, the more we can work towards healing our issues both medically and Spiritually, helping us contribute towards a better, healthier, more compassionate World, one step at a time.

So, if you are looking for a way to heal yourself completely for total wellbeing, thus a healing technique that targets the body, mind and spirit, you should definitely look into the gift of Spiritual Healing.


Love & Light to You & Yours,


A message for the broken hearted…

A couple of days ago a friend came to me asking me to help her heal her broken heart by sending her some Healing Energy through our Request Healing feature. Just this afternoon though I received a message from Spirit which I believe is for her…this message came through a song – A Time For Letting Go by Michael Bolton, whose video I have embedded below, along with the full lyrics of the song.

a time for letting go michael bolton lyricsI want to share with you a couple of thoughts about the subject of ‘broken hearts‘. I was there too a couple years ago, and have also witnessed this process happening amongst many of my friends. I know how hard it feels…that engulfing negative feeling of wanting to surrender, wanting to find a way out, whichever way seems more appropriate at the time. At times it feels as if darkness has closed over you, with no flicker of hope, no way out…just a dark tunnel leading to the depths of despair.

However, it is at the lowest times that a small act of kindness may change your whole point of view. Just a smile can awaken the realisation that there are so many other people that we have yet to meet in our life, so many friends to cross paths with, so many happy memories to come, so many laughter to echo around…

Picture a black dark tunnel, signifying where you feel you stand right now…all you see is darkness. Know that at the end of this dark tunnel you will be able to walk into a light so bright that it feels almost blinding. You have two options…you can either stay laying down into the muddied area you are standing in…or you can choose to pick yourself, stand up tall and walk till you reach this blinding light, where your happiness awaits.

a time for letting go michael bolton lyricsBreathe…acknowledge the moment you are living now. Acknowledge that though it seems hard today, everything happens for a reason, which though now seems too tough for you to handle, it is for your highest good of all, part of the Big Picture. Stand tall. It is time for letting go…let go of resentment, let go of your anger towards the one who has caused you so much emotional pain. Do not let yourself get stuck into such negativity. Let it go. Be at peace with it. Realise that all that has been is for your highest good, and that it is there to make you a stronger person. Own the feeling…believe it! Believe with all your might that you are now stronger after all that’s been, and you are now moving forward to a better, more positive life, on your way to meet more positive people, there to help you grow and flourish.

Yesterday is part of the past. Let go. Think about now. Think about making the best of where you stand right now. You CAN do this…all it takes is for you to BELIEVE that you CAN do this!

Do not be ashamed to seek councelling if you feel in need of it. Do not be ashamed to seek doctor’s advice…and finally do not be afraid to request Spiritual Healing energy to help you through this whole process!

Visualise yourself in the dark tunnel again…see yourself standing up tall from that muddy area. Start walking ahead. See that little bit of light at the end of the tunnel…it is there waiting for you! Keep walking towards it, you are almost into it now…step out of what has been.

a time for letting go michael bolton lyricsAdmire the bright light that is now surrounding you, breathe clean air, feel that cool breeze blowing softly onto your face, listen to your heart, feel the beating inside it! Pull up your hands, feel the energy, look up to the sun as it washes you with its warm rays of light…You are alive, you are happy, you are free! Free to make your own choices, free to leading your life, free to meet other people who will appreciate you, to tell you how wonderful and inspiring you are to others!


Appreciate yourself…you are not just a number, you can make a total difference to the world by just being you! You are special and no one can ever take your place in this world! Embrace yourself…embrace the real you! Love yourself…you are amazing just the way you are!

Feel free to contact me if you’d like a friend to talk to…I’ll do my utmost to be there for you and offer you a shoulder to lean on. I also invite you to ‘like’ my page on Facebook so you can keep up to date with my latest blog posts.

I wish you all the very best in your life…always remember that with each new dawn comes a new day full of new exciting possibilities! Own your life! Appreciate yourself…always!


A Time For Letting Go – Michael Bolton Lyrics

Sometimes you find out what you wanted
Isn’t really what you need
And the dream in all its promise
Was never meant to be

All your hopes and desperation
Won’t make it like it was
And you believe the pain will never end
Believe me in time it does

You’ve gotta know when love is over
You’ve gotta learn to carry on
And with the world upon your shoulders
You walk away when hope is gone

When your golden road has reached the end
You find a way to start again
You know
There’s a time for love and a time for letting go

When you’re standin’ tall tomorrow
Looking back at yesterday
Through the memory of your sorrow
How the dawn was so far away

You’ll be far beyond the shadows
Where hearts can learn to shine
And you’ll realize the endless night
Was only a moment in time

You’ve gotta know when love is over
You’ve gotta learn to carry on
And with the world upon your shoulders
You walk away when hope is gone

When your golden road has reached the end
You find a way to start again
You know
There’s a time for love and a time for letting go

The night is long, the night is cold
With nothing to believe in
Just hold on, ’cause life goes on
Your new day is waiting, let go and let it begin

You’ve gotta know when love is over
You’ve gotta learn to carry on
And with the world upon your shoulders
You walk away when hope is gone

When your golden road has reached the end
You find a way to start again
You know
There’s a time for love and a time for letting go

There’s a time for love
There’s a time for letting go

You’ve gotta know when love is over
You’ve gotta learn to carry on
Carry on


Thank you Spirit for sharing this beautiful message with me, which I’m sharing here for all who need it xxx


Love & Light to You & Yours,


How To See Auras & Aura Colour Meaning

What is an Aura?

Every living thing has an Aura. At times it is seen, at other times it can be percieved through other senses. The Aura is otherwise known as the energy field that every living emits.

The Auric field extends in all directions outside of every living thing and forms an egg shape around the whole body.

The Auric Field is made of 7 different layers, each corresponding to our 7 Major Chakras as follows:

Aura Etheric FieldRed = Root Chakra

Orange = Sacral Chakra

Yellow = Solar Plexus

Green = Heart Chakra

Blue – Throat Chakra

Indigo = Brow Chakra a.k.a. Third Eye Chakra

Violet = Crown Chakra

It is very difficult to see the full 7-layer Aura in full, but it is easy to learn how to read the Major Aura Colour associated with each living thing.

How to see Aura

Everybody can learn to see auras. We probably all knew how to see auras when we were younger. Many children can see auras easily. This can be noticed through kids’ drawings which at times may feature particular colour shadings around everything they draw.

how to see auraStart learning how to see your aura by sitting down comfortably and stay in a relaxed position. Hold your hand above a white background. Sometimes it is best not to have direct sunlight. I find it best to try to see your aura in the late morning, somewhere inside, in a room not so full of sunlight, but without any lightbulb on.

Hold your hand above a white background and open your fingers slightly but keep relaxed. Look at the area between two of your fingers and focus further on the background behind that area.

Do not try too hard, do not strain your eyes. At some point you may notice your vision darken a little bit. Stay there…you will start to notice colour between your fingers. That is your Aura Colour!

This process does take time and practice, so be gentle with yourself and with your eyes. If you don’t see it today, keep trying daily, and you will start noticing colour the more you practice.

You can also try to see your Aura by looking at a mirror and focusing just above your head. I personally find it easier to see auras around my hands rather than my head…but it is still possible.

Feeling the Auric Energy Field

Auras can also be felt rather than seen. Sometimes for example we tend to associate colours with others. It is because we subconsciously ‘feel’ their aura colour rather than see it with our eyes.

You may have unconsciously felt Auric Energy Fields of others before in the following way, without even knowing what it was:

  • Feeling suddenly drained without even knowing why, especially around certain people
  • Feeling someone staring at you behind your back, turning around and finding it was really happening
  • Feeling what the ‘real’ intention of someone is, even if he/she is not saying the truth, irrespective of how he/she is acting
  • Being more comfortable with particular colours but not with others
  • Feeling comfortable with some people but not with others
  • Feeling a difference ‘in the air’ when in someone else’s room

If any of the above apply to you, then you can also sense auric fields of others.

Try getting your aura through feeling by looking at a person and see what colour pops in mind. You can practice doing this with people you know, and once you get a colour pop in your mind, check out the aura colour meaning from the list below and see if it applies. Always remember, practice makes perfect!


Aura Colour Meaning

The aura colours described below should be used only as guidelines. In general, the more bright or soft the colour, the more positive it is. In the case of dull and repelling colours, these are usually tied with negative aspects. Auras help reflect the physical and spiritual aspects of every living thing.


Red Aura Colour Meaning: Related to the physical body

  • Clear Red Aura Colour Meaning: Sexual, passionate, powerful, competitive, energetic.
  • Deep Red Aura Colour Meaning: Signifies grounding, being realistic, active and strong willed power.
  • Dirty Red Aura Colour  Meaning: Significant to anger.
  • Orange-Red Aura Colour Meaning: Confidence and creativity.

Orange Aura Colour Meaning: Relates to Sexuality

  • Bright Orange Aura Colour Meaning: Great health, excitement, vitality, creativity, adventurous, productive, social
  • Dull Orange Aura Colour Meaning: Addictions and imbalances leading to stress
  • Orange-Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Creativity, intelligence, perfectionist

Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Related to life energy

  • Clear Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Inspiration, intelligence, optimism, positivity
  • Light Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Spiritual and/or psychic awareness, optimism, happiness, joy, contentment
  • Dull Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Struggling for power, fear of losing control over many aspects
  • Yellow-Brown Aura Colour Meaning: Straining and/or stressing over study, over-doing study in short period of time
  • Gold Aura Colour Meaning: Inspired person with activated spirituality, enlightenment, protection, divinely guided for highest good

Green Aura Colour Meaning: Related to the Heart

  • Emerald Green Aura Colour Meaning: A healer
  • Green-Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Creative and communicative
  • Dark Green Aura Colour Meaning: Jealousy, blaming, misunderstanding

Turquoise Aura Colour Meaning: Related to the Immune System

  • Clear Turquoise Aura Colour Meaning: Sensitive, compassionate, therapist, healer

Blue Aura Colour Meaning: Relates to the Thyroid Gland

  • Clear Blue Aura Colour Meaning: Calm, sensitivity, intuitive, caring, loving, compassionate
  • Soft Blue Aura Colour Meaning: Peaceful, clear, truthful, intuitive
  • Royal Blue Aura Colour Meaning: Spiritual, generous, arising opportunities, on the right path. May signify clairvoyance (ability to see spirit)
  • Dirty Blue Aura Colour Meaning: Fear of the future, of expressing self, ideas, and fear of facing the truth and/or speaking it

Indigo Aura Colour Meaning: Relates to Third Eye

  • Indigo Aura Colour Meaning: Intuitive, sensitive

Violet Aura Colour Meaning: Relates to the Crown Chakra

  • Purple Aura Colour Meaning: Intuitive, attunement with self, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical, day-dreamer. May signify psychic abilities
  • Lavender Aura Colour Meaning: Imaginative, day-dreamer, etheric

Pink Aura Colour Meaning: Related to Love

  • Clear Pink Aura Colour Meaning: Loving, sensitive, sensual, romantic, artistic, affectionate, pure, compassionate. May indicate clairaudience (ability to hear spirit)
  • Dirty Pink Aura Colour Meaning: Dishonesty, immaturity, unreliable

Other Aura Colours…

    • Silver Aura Colour Meaning: Physical and spiritual abundance
    • Metallic Silver Aura Colour Meaning: Open to new ideas, nurturing by nature, intuitive
    • Dirty Grey Aura Colour Meaning: Accumulating fear amounting to health problems. May be noticed as greyish clusters in particular body areas, indicative of blocks and/or decease
    • Black Aura Colour Meaning: Negative aura colour, draws positive energy and consumes it, unforgiveness towards self or others, grief, hurt from past lives, negative spirit attachments, can lead to health problems.
    • White Aura Colour Meaning: Pure state of light, represents new energy not yet developed, spiritual, non-physical qualities, higher dimensions connection, angelic, truthful, pure. White sparks or flashes in an aura signify angels are near. May also show that the person is or is soon to become pregnant
    • Rainbow Aura Colour Meaning: Rainbow stripes emerging from hands, head or body signify a healer person or someone here on earth for the first time, i.e. never been incarnated before


Final Thought…

Whatever Aura Colour you may be, knowing it can help you accept who you are as well as help you become an even better person by recognising any negative patterns (if any), accepting them, facing them and eventually moving forward to create a better you!


Love & Light to You & Yours,



Divine Guidance through Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty SpiritualYou think I’m kidding? I’m not!

You see, lately, the ‘human ego‘ in me had been taunting me, asking me “why are you even trying? You can do nothing to help the world”…”who knows what those around you are thinking of you with these posts?” At one point I was also on the verge of asking a particular friend of mine who I trust a lot, to tell me what she thinks about this blog and whether it can be helpful in any way…

Then I realised that only my ego side was in need of such answers! I don’t consider myself to be someone more special than others, but I have been told by my Spirit Guides over and over again, that by sharing my daily experiences and insights, I would be helping others along their journey as well. And by questioning myself all the time and letting my ‘ego’ get in my way, I was blocking myself from accomplishing this.

As soon as I realised this, I felt somewhat lifted. Couple inhales, exhales, and back to my daily routine. I brought back myself to the ‘now’ and realised my kids had left the sitting room in a mess. With their ‘Hello Kitty DVD’ still playing in the sitting room, I busied myself putting the sofas back in order, picking up the throw-overs from the floor and starting laying them neatly in their place, when all of a sudden I felt tingly all over…that is the sign that my Spirit Guides use to get my attention, meaning there is something important to take notice of. It was then that I shifted my consciousness to the words being spoken on my kids’ Hello Kitty DVD…

It was a conversation between two cartoon characters, one of which seemed to be a teacher of some sort. The conversation was somewhere along the following lines…


“I don’t think I can”

“Yes you can, all you need to do is believe in yourself”

“Then I’ll do it! I’ll go and rescue him!” (referring to some other cartoon character), “But wait, how do I get there?”

“You already are there. You couldn’t see it before because you didn’t believe in yourself, but now you do…open your eyes and you’ll see you’re already there!”


Amazing, right? Wasn’t that a perfect answer in the perfect Divine timing? Ironically enough, Divine Guidance came to me through this particular Hello Kitty animated movie. I hadn’t been seeing things as I should have been doing before, since I was allowing my ‘ego’ to get in my way of sharing the little I have come to learn so far. Once I accepted that it was really my ‘ego‘ demanding answers to feed my pride, I got a perfect answer, telling me to basically follow my heart because I am already where I should be!

You may now say, “so what? what does this have to do with me?”

I wanted to share this example to show you how much guidance there is around us from the Spirit World…be it from God, Angels, Ascended Masters, or any other Divine Source you acknowledge. We may at times feel alone, we may at times yearn for some Divine Intervention, but it is when we open our hearts to such messages that we start taking notice and hear what messages they have to offer us! And always remember that their messages can come to us in ANY way, as shown in this blog post…even through Hello Kitty, funny as it may seem!

“How may I hear them? I want guidance but it seems no one is ever there to listen and guide me!”

If you feel this way, take more time to quieten your mind. You can do so through meditation. Sit down in a quiet spot in a comfortable position, inhale, exhale, let go of any tension you may have, and then quiet your mind. Listen to the stillness inside you…it is there where they speak to you and guide you.

surfing the wavesIf you still hear nothing, do not freak out. Understand that every situation in life is a lesson for us to help us learn and grow. Do not dive in when waves hit your shore…instead surf the waves whilst noticing them and take note of every important thing that may be floating on your horizon.


Love & Light to You & Yours,


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