morning after pill maltaMorning After Pill in Malta is currently causing a debate. Some say it is a non-abortifacient pill which can be taken without any bad consequences while others are saying that this pill does in fact have an abortifacient effect. What are the facts? Let’s go through the details and see what this Morning-After pill is and what it does.

The Morning-After pill works in three different ways:

  1. If taken before ovulation occurs, it delays ovulation by stopping the release of an egg from the ovary
  2. It prevents fertilisation of the egg
  3. It stops an already formed embryo from implanting into the wall of the uterus

With the first option, no fertilisation occurs, so there are no abortifacient effects there. With the second option, fertilisation is also stopped, so once again no abortifacient effects there.

However, with the third option, an already formed and living embryo is discarded as the morning-after pill makes changes into the wall of the uterus to stop the living embryo from implanting there, and so the pregnancy is terminated there.

Science has proven that life starts at conception (when sperm meets the ovum), and not when implantation occurs. And so, when the Morning-After pill stops the living embryo from attaching to the wall of the uterus, a new life is discarded.

So as conclusion, by accepting the morning after pill in Malta, we would be paving the way towards introducing abortion due to this pill’s abortifacient effect.

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