A wise friend of mine lately has told me this:

“Try to separate the mind from the heart…listen always to your heart, it will show you the way forward”

When things get tough and problems present themselves unexpectedly, it is very easy to lose yourself, to feel as if you barely even recognise yourself any more. This is what has happened to me during the past months.

Thankfully my friend reminded me that the answer is to listen to my heart. The heart is the voice of the soul…it knows the way to the highest good of all.

And so here I am again, after an absence of almost a year. Writing this short post today makes me feel myself again.

To you reading this, if you are at crossroads, not sure where you want to go, or whether you know what you want from your life…

Listen to your heart. Let it be your guidance. Do not let society conform you into a different person than the one you truly are on the inside. Be who you are, let your light shine from within you. Be yourself <3listen to your heart


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