limping hamsterA limping hamster has found its way into my life. It was quite an unexpected surprise, but then again me and my family, we are all animal lovers, so we welcomed this little creature into our home and our hearts…

As I described in one of my latest posts about animal totems, animals that come into our life has a lot to teach us, so to learn what I need to learn from this little limping hamster, I started observing her behaviour…

  1. Curious About Surroundings: Our little limping hamster has gotten into our life, new home, new cage, lots to discover. Though quite scared, she started her search of the unknown. Whenever she got tired she sat down, groomed herself, rolled into a tiny ball and slept. Once she wakes up she continues with her quest.
  2. Being Different: There she goes, dragging her little limping foot behind her. Being different doesn’t stop her from acting like any other happy hamster would! She ran multiple times into her hamster wheel, slid down the slide, took a leap into her food bowl…life of a limping hamster is still a happy and funny one!
  3. Boundaries: Okay we were quite happy to play with her, and though many suggest you give a new hamster some space, we were all dreaming of playing with this little bundle of hamster-joy! So while she was getting ready to sleep we still wanted some hamster fun…that is when she bit me, right after a soft warning sound! No pain, but she eventually managed to get what she wanted…sleep!
  4. No-No To Exploring Hamster Tubes: Again, so excited to have her, that we bought her an even bigger cage than the one we had, with lots of tubes to explore! Our little limper didn’t feel ready to explore these tubes, no matter how hard we tried to lure her into them!
  5. Learning Trust: First day, gave her my hand to sniff onto…though she didn’t know me, she took a leap of faith and came onto my hand. Eventually she probably thought of doing some hand-walking marathon, as I couldn’t keep up with her running over my hands!

Okay, now for the hamster evaluation…what can this little cute limping hamster teach me based on the observations above?

limping hamsterFirstly, in real life I have been drifting off of what I had been taught as a young child…drifted into the unknown. Naturally I do find myself wondering sometimes, whether this leap into the unknown is what is best for my soul purpose. So seeing this little hamster exploring her new home bit by bit and taking breaks in between makes me realise that it is okay to sometimes take a break from learning new things and just take time to let previous learned things to sink in. In other words, it is okay to absorb new ideas in our own way and pace.

Secondly, even at times when our ego makes us try to compare ourselves with others, we should stop ourselves from doing so and just enjoy being ourselves, and accept ourselves the way we are. Being or feeling different from others in any way shouldn’t stop us from living our life happily, making the most of our lives and enjoying every step of the way! Time to appreciate ourselves the way we are!

Thirdly, boundaries, which are a great deal for me! This little hamster has clearly taught me that it is okay to say no, even if it may hurt another. Sometimes we get to feel obliged to make others happy and in the meantime we compromise our own happiness, safety and serenity. It is okay to respect our own wishes or putting our safety first!

Then there is another lesson to learn here…no matter what others may try to force us into, be it a different place, different ideologies…if we are not ready to explore new ventures, then we should say so. Again, we should seek to walk our path at our own pace.

Finally, we should always trust our intuition. If we feel we are ready to explore something new, then we probably are. Thinking comes from the brain…Intuition comes from the soul. Listening to intuition can lead us to do what we came to learn in the first place.

One final thing…I call her “my little limper” not to be disrespectful, but because for me she is an inspiration! She still does everything that a normal hamster would do, even if she can’t use one of her little feet…being different doesn’t stop her from being positive and happy! She is one bundle of joy that brings a smile to anyone feeling lost and unhappy…she is an inspiration!

Why did I share all this with you? Because I wanted to show you how many things one can learn by being attentive to every little creature. We can learn a lot of things just by opening our eyes to the beauty of life, some of the most important things being appreciation, compassion, love and gratitude!


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