41574_272366049656_4648749_n-1Many have been anticipating 21st December 2012, some even feared that the end of the world was to occur at this date. It came and went. For some it meant nothing. For others who are more sensitive and open to energy, this day, along with its surrounding period, had a whole new meaning.

An energy shift occured within the earth’s vibrational frequency, which has been raised. This didn’t occur in just one day, but throughout a period of time, maximising itself around the 21st. For those who are ‘sensitive’ to energy, life may have felt even more challenging lately, with amounting emotions, various thoughts, complex thinking on global issues, different sleeping patterns…at times it feels like our moods leap from one extreme to another in a very short time. Deep down we feel like something is calling out to us, something very urgent which we may not clearly know details of, but which still feels urgent.

This is what has been called ‘spiritual awakening‘ or ‘consciousness shift‘. It is now that we start to vibrate within a higher frequency level where we are more concerned with our inner core than with our human body. We evolve beyond fear, violence and all negative aspects within the human world. We grow into beings with an enlightened state of mind where we strive for peace, harmony and compassion for one another and for Mother Earth.

With the end of 2012 came the end of a long process, thus the change is not an instant one, but a collective process where many of us have experienced a lot of turmoil, leading to a different, more positive point of view. Hypothetically, now that end 2012 has passed, enough individuals have reached a higher level of consciousness, which eventually has a chain reaction effect, bringing the rest of humanity within the same level of consciousness.

End 2012 Energy Shift and its Possible Effects On You

It is completely normal at this particular period of time that we find ourselves facing past issues, until we embrace them and move forward from them. We may also find ourselves in a dilemma, not knowing which path to choose, through fear of the unknown. As we move towards a higher level of consciousness we need to let go of fear and function through love and faith instead. This doesn’t only happen on a personal level, but also on a global level, where Mother Earth is cleansing itself from collective toxins.

Along with negative issues that we have been increasingly having to deal with, we may also be experiencing increasing intuitive abilities, more compassion, feeling more in harmony with nature, experiencing Divine guidance and support, more understanding of both positive and negative issues through the knowledge that all is part of the Big Picture. We become more in tune with the Divine, and as we do, we experience more coincidences, otherwise known as synchronicities, occurring in our lives, as we feel a deep connection with the Divine within us.


Lightworkers Unite

lightworkers uniteIf you have been reading this article, you are probably within and part of this global change of cosmic enlightenment. You are here for a reason. Our task as lightworkers at this time is to help spread enlightenment and bringing up others towards this higher vibrational frequency that we are already within.

Through this ‘consciousness shift‘, the Natural Laws are now more powerful and more apparent. The Law of Attraction, being one of the Natural Laws, causes what we think about to become reality. Thus, the more peace and harmony we feel blessed with, the more we experience. On the other hand, the more anger, hatred, jealousy expressed within humanity, the more it manifests among us.

It is now even more important than ever to be self aware of what we wish, what we think, as individuals. If we function through destructive behaviour, we cause more destruction. Being self aware we need to focus on functioning through love, peace and harmony, so that more love, peace and harmony is spread within humanity, and within the earth in general.

Lightworkers, we need to unite, both individually and also collectively, to help spread light to one another. We need to share what we have learned and are still learning, so that we help raise the vibrations of each of us collectively. We need to stay in tune with our inner selves and share love and light so that we can rise together and help make this world a better place to live in, where we are more compassionate towards each other’s needs, and help Mother Earth heal itself and shine again as the beautiful Garden of Eden it once was.


Love & Light to You & Yours,




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