What is an Aura?

Every living thing has an Aura. At times it is seen, at other times it can be percieved through other senses. The Aura is otherwise known as the energy field that every living emits.

The Auric field extends in all directions outside of every living thing and forms an egg shape around the whole body.

The Auric Field is made of 7 different layers, each corresponding to our 7 Major Chakras as follows:

Aura Etheric FieldRed = Root Chakra

Orange = Sacral Chakra

Yellow = Solar Plexus

Green = Heart Chakra

Blue – Throat Chakra

Indigo = Brow Chakra a.k.a. Third Eye Chakra

Violet = Crown Chakra

It is very difficult to see the full 7-layer Aura in full, but it is easy to learn how to read the Major Aura Colour associated with each living thing.

How to see Aura

Everybody can learn to see auras. We probably all knew how to see auras when we were younger. Many children can see auras easily. This can be noticed through kids’ drawings which at times may feature particular colour shadings around everything they draw.

how to see auraStart learning how to see your aura by sitting down comfortably and stay in a relaxed position. Hold your hand above a white background. Sometimes it is best not to have direct sunlight. I find it best to try to see your aura in the late morning, somewhere inside, in a room not so full of sunlight, but without any lightbulb on.

Hold your hand above a white background and open your fingers slightly but keep relaxed. Look at the area between two of your fingers and focus further on the background behind that area.

Do not try too hard, do not strain your eyes. At some point you may notice your vision darken a little bit. Stay there…you will start to notice colour between your fingers. That is your Aura Colour!

This process does take time and practice, so be gentle with yourself and with your eyes. If you don’t see it today, keep trying daily, and you will start noticing colour the more you practice.

You can also try to see your Aura by looking at a mirror and focusing just above your head. I personally find it easier to see auras around my hands rather than my head…but it is still possible.

Feeling the Auric Energy Field

Auras can also be felt rather than seen. Sometimes for example we tend to associate colours with others. It is because we subconsciously ‘feel’ their aura colour rather than see it with our eyes.

You may have unconsciously felt Auric Energy Fields of others before in the following way, without even knowing what it was:

  • Feeling suddenly drained without even knowing why, especially around certain people
  • Feeling someone staring at you behind your back, turning around and finding it was really happening
  • Feeling what the ‘real’ intention of someone is, even if he/she is not saying the truth, irrespective of how he/she is acting
  • Being more comfortable with particular colours but not with others
  • Feeling comfortable with some people but not with others
  • Feeling a difference ‘in the air’ when in someone else’s room

If any of the above apply to you, then you can also sense auric fields of others.

Try getting your aura through feeling by looking at a person and see what colour pops in mind. You can practice doing this with people you know, and once you get a colour pop in your mind, check out the aura colour meaning from the list below and see if it applies. Always remember, practice makes perfect!


Aura Colour Meaning

The aura colours described below should be used only as guidelines. In general, the more bright or soft the colour, the more positive it is. In the case of dull and repelling colours, these are usually tied with negative aspects. Auras help reflect the physical and spiritual aspects of every living thing.


Red Aura Colour Meaning: Related to the physical body

  • Clear Red Aura Colour Meaning: Sexual, passionate, powerful, competitive, energetic.
  • Deep Red Aura Colour Meaning: Signifies grounding, being realistic, active and strong willed power.
  • Dirty Red Aura Colour  Meaning: Significant to anger.
  • Orange-Red Aura Colour Meaning: Confidence and creativity.

Orange Aura Colour Meaning: Relates to Sexuality

  • Bright Orange Aura Colour Meaning: Great health, excitement, vitality, creativity, adventurous, productive, social
  • Dull Orange Aura Colour Meaning: Addictions and imbalances leading to stress
  • Orange-Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Creativity, intelligence, perfectionist

Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Related to life energy

  • Clear Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Inspiration, intelligence, optimism, positivity
  • Light Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Spiritual and/or psychic awareness, optimism, happiness, joy, contentment
  • Dull Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Struggling for power, fear of losing control over many aspects
  • Yellow-Brown Aura Colour Meaning: Straining and/or stressing over study, over-doing study in short period of time
  • Gold Aura Colour Meaning: Inspired person with activated spirituality, enlightenment, protection, divinely guided for highest good

Green Aura Colour Meaning: Related to the Heart

  • Emerald Green Aura Colour Meaning: A healer
  • Green-Yellow Aura Colour Meaning: Creative and communicative
  • Dark Green Aura Colour Meaning: Jealousy, blaming, misunderstanding

Turquoise Aura Colour Meaning: Related to the Immune System

  • Clear Turquoise Aura Colour Meaning: Sensitive, compassionate, therapist, healer

Blue Aura Colour Meaning: Relates to the Thyroid Gland

  • Clear Blue Aura Colour Meaning: Calm, sensitivity, intuitive, caring, loving, compassionate
  • Soft Blue Aura Colour Meaning: Peaceful, clear, truthful, intuitive
  • Royal Blue Aura Colour Meaning: Spiritual, generous, arising opportunities, on the right path. May signify clairvoyance (ability to see spirit)
  • Dirty Blue Aura Colour Meaning: Fear of the future, of expressing self, ideas, and fear of facing the truth and/or speaking it

Indigo Aura Colour Meaning: Relates to Third Eye

  • Indigo Aura Colour Meaning: Intuitive, sensitive

Violet Aura Colour Meaning: Relates to the Crown Chakra

  • Purple Aura Colour Meaning: Intuitive, attunement with self, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical, day-dreamer. May signify psychic abilities
  • Lavender Aura Colour Meaning: Imaginative, day-dreamer, etheric

Pink Aura Colour Meaning: Related to Love

  • Clear Pink Aura Colour Meaning: Loving, sensitive, sensual, romantic, artistic, affectionate, pure, compassionate. May indicate clairaudience (ability to hear spirit)
  • Dirty Pink Aura Colour Meaning: Dishonesty, immaturity, unreliable

Other Aura Colours…

    • Silver Aura Colour Meaning: Physical and spiritual abundance
    • Metallic Silver Aura Colour Meaning: Open to new ideas, nurturing by nature, intuitive
    • Dirty Grey Aura Colour Meaning: Accumulating fear amounting to health problems. May be noticed as greyish clusters in particular body areas, indicative of blocks and/or decease
    • Black Aura Colour Meaning: Negative aura colour, draws positive energy and consumes it, unforgiveness towards self or others, grief, hurt from past lives, negative spirit attachments, can lead to health problems.
    • White Aura Colour Meaning: Pure state of light, represents new energy not yet developed, spiritual, non-physical qualities, higher dimensions connection, angelic, truthful, pure. White sparks or flashes in an aura signify angels are near. May also show that the person is or is soon to become pregnant
    • Rainbow Aura Colour Meaning: Rainbow stripes emerging from hands, head or body signify a healer person or someone here on earth for the first time, i.e. never been incarnated before


Final Thought…

Whatever Aura Colour you may be, knowing it can help you accept who you are as well as help you become an even better person by recognising any negative patterns (if any), accepting them, facing them and eventually moving forward to create a better you!


Love & Light to You & Yours,



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