What is an Angel Altar?

An Angel Altar is basically a space that you dedicate to the Angels. It can be a table, a corner or even a windowsill if no other place is available.

An Angel Altar can be used as a place to go to for meditation, to pray or to experience a peaceful sensation. I personally also use it for Mediumship and psychic related work as there I feel protected thanks to the loving energy of the Angels.

How to build an Angel Altar

There is no rule on what things to use when deciding on how to build an Angel Altar. There are however a couple of items you can consider in order to make your Angel Altar a pleasant and appealing place for yourself…

  1. how to build an Angel AltarLocation: Where should you build an Angel Altar? Choose a location that appeals for you. Think about utilising a corner or space where you can have quiet time. Keep in mind that if you have appealing items on you Altar, young kids may feel drawn to it, so do take this in consideration.
  2. Motive: What is the ‘ultimate’ motive that made you want to build an Angel Altar in the first place? For me it was a need for a peaceful corner where I would be able to meditate and pray. Luckily enough I found a small statue with two little Angels around the word Peace…which clearly emphasises my motive for Peace. So first find the motive and think about something that you can place on your altar to symbolise your main motive.
  3. The Four Elements: As a dear friend Liz once told me, an Altar should have at least four items representing the Four Elements, namely Air, Water, Fire and Earth. When I built my own Altar I wasn’t quite aware of this, but coincidentially enough I had utilised four particular items, namely a small Water Fountain as the Water element, Candles representing the Fire element, Angel statues representing the Air element as well as Pebbles representing Earth element.
  4. Crystals: Crystals are also something you can consider using on yourAngel Altar. If you are unsure about what crystals would be most appropriate for you, go around different ones and see which one feels most appealing for you for use on your new Angel Altar. Let it come to you and follow your instincts…you won’t go wrong! Personally I felt drawn to Blue Agate when I was choosing crystals for my own altar, and after I got them I checked out their properties and found out they were exactly what I was yearning for at the time! Use as many as you want, just follow your intuition.
  5. Setting the Scene: You surely want your Angel Altar to be an area that sets you in the mood for meditation and prayer…I find that switching off the main lights of the room and lighting just a candle or more helps promote the ideal atmosphere. Personally I find the sound of water flowing is a boost to set me in the mood, which is why I actually put together the water fountain on my Altar.

The most important thing to remember when building an Angel Altar is that this has to be pleasing and appealing to YOU and no one else, so go for what YOU feel should be used.

Last but not least, treat your Angel Altar with respect and love. The more time passes the more your connection with the Angels will increase, and the more you will experience that peaceful loving energy around it.


Love & Light to You & Yours,




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