Free Angel Card Reading is now being done daily on Facebook!

Free Angel Card Reading

Every day I pick up one card after praying that the Angels provide their guidance to all of you collectively on my group.

If you would like to be part of these daily readings, please click here ==>> FREE Angel Card Readings & More and then click on ‘Join Group’. I will add you to the group as soon as possible.

Many ask “How does the FREE Angel Card Reading work? How can it be relevant to more than just one person?”

This happens because the intention is all that matters, and if I hold the intention that the reading is for the highest good of all the people in the group, then yes it becomes relevant. Additionally, we are all going through the same global energy and so, adding to the intention I hold during the reading, it becomes relevant and understanding by all who see it.

Every now and then, free giveaways will be announced, and every month, from the likes and comments I receive on the daily FREE Angel Card Reading, I will pick up a winner who will receive a personal 3 card past present and future FREE Angel Card Reading!


For instagram users, you can see the daily FREE Angel Card Reading by following me on instagram @Claire_HealYourLifeForever

Thank you for your continued support…much love sent your way <3


Claire Galea Mcse

p.s. To purchase an Angel Card Reading you can go here =>>


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