free angel card readingThroughout the upcoming week, many of us will be feeling the need to think about our lives, to look deeply within us and to assert what is going on well and what isn’t, as clearly indicated in this card named Listen To Your Intuitive Feelings.

Next Tuesday we will be having a Full Moon in Taurus. Being a Full Moon in Taurus, we will be specifically feeling the need to get rid of any earthly issues or things that we do not need in our lives, so some may feel an increasing urge to detoxify their lives, whether it is detoxification from addictions such as unhealthy eating or bad habitual drinking and drugs, and also that of letting go of items around the house or things which we own that we do not need any more.

We may also feel an increased need to let go of toxic relationships, such as people in our lives who continuously pull us down. The Angels want to remind us that any relationship that we have with others, whether it is a romantic or friend relationship, is there to enhance us and not to restrict us from growing to our full potential. It is okay to love yourself enough to refuse to be pulled down over and over again.

So whatever you may feel the need of letting go of this week, do not think with your mind, but follow the voice inside your heart…it is the voice of your soul guiding you. And if in any way you may feel chained and restricted, do allow yourself to break the chains and to free yourself. Have trust that all will be well. You may not have all the needed answers right here right now, but with trust you can spread your wings and fly beyond any restrictions and limitations.

Much love to all <3

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