free angel card readingWe are currently going through a lot of energy changes going on around us. Internally we are being re-wired to fit into this life. For those who are sensitive to the energy, this is quite a difficult time to get through, mainly because we feel we are being dragged around in circles trying to cope with all the fast changes going around.

This upcoming week you may feel once again overwhelmed by this fast changing energy around us. More than ever before you may be feeling the need to let go of toxic addictions such as over-eating and toxic cravings and feel an actual NEED to choose a healthier way of life, a healthier lifestyle.

With this card the Angels are reminding us that not only do we feel this urge, but also our bodies are sending us the messages that we need to be able to adjust such cravings. For example, some may get physically sick, some may experience pain…any of these ailments that manifest into our bodies this upcoming week are the ‘signs’ that we are being given in order to find the courage to push ourselves to achieve what is needed. Additional help by the Angels may include inspirational thoughts that help increase our self-esteem and inner courage.

So as the Angels suggest, throughout these upcoming days please do listen to what your own body is trying to tell you, and do not hesitate to ask the Angels for inspiration and guidance. Archangel Michael is very helpful when it comes to cutting addictions, so do pray for his help if you feel the need.

Additionally please also remember to focus on what is positive in life rather than the negative. At such times it is hard to do so, but try to focus on the positivity in life, and with some Angelic help and guidance rest assured that you will make it through in a positive loving way.

Much love to all <3

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