free angel reading, free angel card readingThis upcoming week, specifically next wednesday, we will be having a New Moon. Traditionally, a New Moon symbolises a start of something new, a new beginning.

Surprisingly, this week’s upcoming Angelic Message comes through the card featured above named ‘Diet Is Important Here’.

For those of us who have been lately thinking of starting a new way of life, a new healthy eating path, this upcoming week may be an ideal time to start. Seek foods that help with clearing you from the inside, such as fruit and vegetables. With nature you are surely safe in your choices! Also try to cut out toxic foods such as junk food, sweets, chocolate and also addictive foods and beverages.

This card however has another meaningful message. So if you haven’t been thinking about food changes lately, this message may be the one for you. See, you may have been having issues with certain people in your life which may be causing toxicity in you. It could be people close to you, friends or family, neighbours or other people you meet frequently. With this card the Angels are suggesting that you let go of those who constantly bring you down. It is okay to be nice and caring, but it is also okay to not let others mistreat you just because you are nice by nature. The Angels ask that you love yourself enough to let go of whatever constantly dulls your life with needless drama.

One word that the Angels are stressing on for this upcoming week is Acceptance. Life may not be always perfect, always in balance. There may be moments where we may be feeling literally pulled down by the constant negativity going on around us. Yet the Angels remind us that it is okay to find ourselves unbalanced every now and then. It is okay to not be perfect every moment of our lives. The important thing is that we accept ourselves, with our limitations, with our mistakes, and accept that no matter what happens and no matter where we slip, we can always get back up and keep on moving. And if we feel like it is too hard, the Angels remind us that they are there to help us whenever we may need an extra push. All we need to do is ask and they will gladly come to assist us.

It is always good to remember that we are actually spiritual beings living a human life. It is not always easy for us to do this, so let us allow ourselves to forgive ourselves when we feel let down by the same actions we do. Let go of any guilt you may be grudging against yourself, accept yourself as doing the best you can do at this point in time, and move on towards a better way of life, with the help and guidance of the loving Angels.

May you have a peaceful and healthy week ahead.

Angel blessings and much love to all <3

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