free angel card readingAs mentioned in the past weeks, we are being upgraded energy-wise on a collective level. And once again, the Angels are offering us their loving advice for another week dealing with the setbacks that such upgrade may present us with.

This upcoming week we may find ourselves being once again in an emotional turmoil. Some may feel that life has got tough lately, others may feel neglected or unloved, and there will be some who may feel like they have been let down by people who supposedly care and love them, at times even let down by our own selves.

The Angels are reminding us that such issues may have deep underground roots, roots that head back to past issues, back to our childhood days, and even issues rooted in any one of our past lives.

Now I do know that some may have trouble accepting the theory of past lives, and I respect that. However, issues that may have been unsettled in past lives would still be with us in this current lifetime, so even if you do not believe in such theory, if you go back to your early childhood memories, you will probably find such roots in issues that were experienced by you back at those early childhood days.

In order to stop such issues from occurring to us over and over and over again, we need to be at peace with them. With this card named Forgiveness Heals, the Angels are asking us to find it in our hearts to forgive those who have harmed us in the past. Holding grudges against people who hurt us would keep negative energy flowing around us, which in turn keeps attracting more heartache in our lives. Instead, the Angels are asking us to forgive these people from the past.

It is however important to not let these people bring you down and keep hurting you. It is okay to walk away from people who cause us drama over and over. Remember that we have been created as an image of God, we are love, and so we should respect ourselves enough to walk away from drama.

This means that even if you are being urged to forgive people who hurt you in the past, you should not keep being hurt over and over.
The best way to heal yourself from this ongoing pain is to find a quiet spot, close your eyes and breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in positivity. Breathe out negativity. Once you feel at peace, visualise the person who has hurt you. Imagine a connection from your heart extending to their heart. A pink connection signifying love. Imagine beautiful pink loving energy flowing from your heart to theirs, follow it as it reaches their heart and see this love flowing all around this person. Tell this person that you love them. Tell them that you forgive them for all the pain they caused you. Tell them also that from now on you are respecting yourself enough to accept nothing back from them other than love. Close the connection and be thankful for forgiveness. Repeat the same process if you feel the need to forgive others who have hurt you too.

May you have a peaceful and healthy week ahead.

Angel blessings and much love to all <3

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