empath instant protection techniquesAre you an empath? If you are, you probably experience a vast range of emotions and pains that are NOT yours, but that you pick up from others.

If you are not sure whether you are an empath or not, you can check out 6 Signs That Confirm You Are An Empath to understand how and from where you pick up these ailments.

If you already know you are an empath, then know you can protect yourself using empaths instant protection techniques that are easy to use and very effective. Using these techniques you will be able to protect yourself prior to going in areas where you are prone to pick up ailments and emotions from, and you will also be able to protect yourself when you feel literally under attack.


Empaths Instant Protection Techniques

  1. empath instant protection techniquesMeditation To Protect Against Negativity: Meditating early morning is one of the best ways to start the day with positive vibrations. One of the things everyone should do during meditation, especially empaths, is to imagine themselves into a white bubble of pure love and protection, that allows no negativity in and no negativity out. Do you close the door of your house when you leave? Yes cos it provides protection against outsite influences. Meditating with this aim in mind ensures you leave your house fully protected each morning;
  2. Emotion & Pain Check: One of the hardest tasks of empaths is that of being able to tell what emotions are theirs and what are others’. To avoid this dilemma, an empath should check his/her emotions and look for any pains and illnesses prior to going out, which allows him/her to know what is already there. Once out, if the empath feels emotion or pain, he/she can realise that the new emotion and/or pain has been picked up from another empathically;
  3. Protection Mantra: When there is no time available for meditation before going out, one can recite a mantra and truly believe in its power. An empath can say something like “I encircle myself in pure white light of love and protection. Nothing negative can come to me and nothing negative can come out of me. I am completely protected from any outside negative energies and effects”;
  4. Covering Solar Plexus: Emotion is directly tied with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is represented by yellow and is situated about 3 fingers above the belly button. There are times when we feel literally overwhelmed by emotions, especially if we find ourselves in the middle of a confrontation. At that point what happens is that all these emotions seep into us through our Solar Plexus. One of the things that can be done to stop us instantly from absorbing such negative energy, even when intended directly to us, is covering our Solar Plexus by something else, such as crossing our hands or using a book or anything to cover up the area above our belly button. This helps stop negativity absorbtion immediately;
  5. empath instant protection techniquesFinger Interlocking Technique: This is another technique that works instantly and every time. Touch the tips of your thumb and third finger of each hand while interlocking both hands together. This is an amazing and fast way to block negative energies, and can be used anywhere and anytime, especially when feeling under attack by someone else;
  6. Bubbly Water Cup: Sometimes we tend to realise that the family we live in and certain family situations are overwhelming us with negative emotions. When this happens, there is a wonderful easy method that is explained in a book called Infinite Quest by John Edward. Basically you can fill in a cup with water and place in areas where you feel negativity manifests most in your house, and leave it there. Check back later after a couple hours and see if any small bubbles have formed in the water cup. If yes, that is negativity that has been absorbed from your house. Take this cup and throw the water down the drain or flush it into the toilet with the aim that it will be cleansed by Mother Earth and restored to its natural clean state. Make sure no one drinks glasses of water with bubbles within.

There you go! 6 empaths instant protection techniques that every empath can benefit from especially in times of overwhelming emotions!

Hope this helps! Please feel free to leave any experiences or comments on the subject below.


Love & Light xxx

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