Hello Kitty SpiritualYou think I’m kidding? I’m not!

You see, lately, the ‘human ego‘ in me had been taunting me, asking me “why are you even trying? You can do nothing to help the world”…”who knows what those around you are thinking of you with these posts?” At one point I was also on the verge of asking a particular friend of mine who I trust a lot, to tell me what she thinks about this blog and whether it can be helpful in any way…

Then I realised that only my ego side was in need of such answers! I don’t consider myself to be someone more special than others, but I have been told by my Spirit Guides over and over again, that by sharing my daily experiences and insights, I would be helping others along their journey as well. And by questioning myself all the time and letting my ‘ego’ get in my way, I was blocking myself from accomplishing this.

As soon as I realised this, I felt somewhat lifted. Couple inhales, exhales, and back to my daily routine. I brought back myself to the ‘now’ and realised my kids had left the sitting room in a mess. With their ‘Hello Kitty DVD’ still playing in the sitting room, I busied myself putting the sofas back in order, picking up the throw-overs from the floor and starting laying them neatly in their place, when all of a sudden I felt tingly all over…that is the sign that my Spirit Guides use to get my attention, meaning there is something important to take notice of. It was then that I shifted my consciousness to the words being spoken on my kids’ Hello Kitty DVD…

It was a conversation between two cartoon characters, one of which seemed to be a teacher of some sort. The conversation was somewhere along the following lines…


“I don’t think I can”

“Yes you can, all you need to do is believe in yourself”

“Then I’ll do it! I’ll go and rescue him!” (referring to some other cartoon character), “But wait, how do I get there?”

“You already are there. You couldn’t see it before because you didn’t believe in yourself, but now you do…open your eyes and you’ll see you’re already there!”


Amazing, right? Wasn’t that a perfect answer in the perfect Divine timing? Ironically enough, Divine Guidance came to me through this particular Hello Kitty animated movie. I hadn’t been seeing things as I should have been doing before, since I was allowing my ‘ego’ to get in my way of sharing the little I have come to learn so far. Once I accepted that it was really my ‘ego‘ demanding answers to feed my pride, I got a perfect answer, telling me to basically follow my heart because I am already where I should be!

You may now say, “so what? what does this have to do with me?”

I wanted to share this example to show you how much guidance there is around us from the Spirit World…be it from God, Angels, Ascended Masters, or any other Divine Source you acknowledge. We may at times feel alone, we may at times yearn for some Divine Intervention, but it is when we open our hearts to such messages that we start taking notice and hear what messages they have to offer us! And always remember that their messages can come to us in ANY way, as shown in this blog post…even through Hello Kitty, funny as it may seem!

“How may I hear them? I want guidance but it seems no one is ever there to listen and guide me!”

If you feel this way, take more time to quieten your mind. You can do so through meditation. Sit down in a quiet spot in a comfortable position, inhale, exhale, let go of any tension you may have, and then quiet your mind. Listen to the stillness inside you…it is there where they speak to you and guide you.

surfing the wavesIf you still hear nothing, do not freak out. Understand that every situation in life is a lesson for us to help us learn and grow. Do not dive in when waves hit your shore…instead surf the waves whilst noticing them and take note of every important thing that may be floating on your horizon.


Love & Light to You & Yours,


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