spiritual meaning of illnessAre you or someone you know in need of spiritual healing?

No matter where you live, in what part of the globe you are situated, you can now benefit from Spiritual Distant Healing sessions in the comfort of your home.

All you need is to believe that you are worthy of healing, and have complete faith that you will be healed.

You may be asked to relax and allow healing energy to flow through you when healing energy is about to be sent. Though many do not feel anything at all, it is normal to experience certain emotional discomfort such as crying during this session as well as tingling sensations pulsating through your body or particular areas in need of healing.

Spiritual Healing works for any type of illness, be it physical and/or emotional. It targets the main reasons behind illness and digs deep to restore balance between the mind. body and spirit, promoting complete healing from within. Certain illnesses (such as Cancer) may require extra sessions. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions with regards to such illnesses. Extra tips may also be sent to you for free with your spiritual healing session to guide you to complete healing.


To make sure everyone can afford Distant Healing, I am setting up the following packages to suit everybody’s needs.



15 Minutes Distant Healing Session – Eur10

30 Minutes Distant Healing Session – Eur15

1 Month Distant Healing Package (30 minutes weekly for a whole month) – Eur40


Choose Below:


For recurring Distant Healing packages kindly contact me for special prices.

You can read more about how Spiritual Healing works, otherwise feel free to Contact Me if you have more questions on these sessions or to request for special healing packages prices. Thanks.


Love & Light to You & Yours,



p.s. Claire Galea Mcse is an Accredited Spiritual Healer with the College of Spiritual Education
p.p.s. Spiritual Healing should never replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment along with Spiritual Healing.