crystal propertiesCrystal properties vary according to each and every crystal used. They can be used for many purposes including for protection, healing, love, prosperity and much more.

Crystals should always feel energetic and look clear. A faded, cracked or dusty-looking crystal that doesn’t feel ‘right’ shouldn’t be kept. In such cases you can bury it or let go in a stream, giving it back to nature with gratitude and love.

When choosing a crystal, go for what you feel intuitively. We are usually drawn to those crystals which we are mostly in need at the time we’re seeking. It is a good idea to check on its properties so as to know how to utilise it best.

Over time crystals tend to pick up different energies. When your crystal starts feeling ‘depleted’, it is wise to cleanse and recharge your crystal. I like to cleanse and charge my crystals by running clean water on them and let them dry under the light of the full moon. The next day my crystals always feel fresh and as good as new 🙂

Below you can find a list covering a good amount of crystals…click on the ones you are interested in to view crystal properties, use and other additional information.

Please note that crystal properties are listed for information purposes only.  Crystal healing should never replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.