Copper Crystal colour is usually in shades of reddish bronze, occasionally with touches of green.


copper crystal propertiesCopper Crystal Properties

Copper Crystal Properties include a lot of prosperity such as attracting better finances, acting as a love and fertility charm, brings in good luck, and increases monetary gain within any business.

Healthwise, Copper Crystals help with weightloss, decrease effects of arthritis such as hand and feet swelling, as well as travel sickness. Copper Crystals also restore auras to their naturally healthy state.

Copper Crystals can be used on both children and pets. Children can benefit from these crystals especially when travelling, to avoid sickness, whereas pets can quickly feel more at home in new environments.

Used with other crystals, Copper Crystals increase their effectiveness.

It is suggested that Copper Crystal Jewellery is worn on the non-dominant hand.


Copper Crystal Associations

  • Crown & Heart Chakra
  • Emerald Green Candles
  • Water Element
  • Magnolia, Mimosa, Vanilla


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Please note that crystal properties are listed for information purposes only. Crystal healing should never replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.

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