smiling-womanWhen I started seeking different paths, I felt an urgent need to learn. As they say, when the student is ready to learn, the teacher appears…it is true.

There is however a misconception within this line of thinking. See, we may eventually be ready to guide others or teach from our own past experiences, but we may not know everything, ever!

Today I may appear to you as a teacher, especially since you may have ended up on this blog to learn more, but let me tell you one thing…I am NOT a teacher. I am a student like you, learning through whatever life experiences that I end up in day after day.

We are all teachers and we are all students. We should always strive to observe our surroundings, take what we can from each experience, be it negative or positive. Enjoy each experience that gives us joy, makes us happy; learn from sour experiences and seek that tiny bit of positivity within each and every experience. Bad experiences are there to teach you, to make you a better person, to make you aware and increase your empathy towards others in the same situations as yourself.

Embrace each experience you go through as it is there to shape you into a different person, thus always strive to become a better person by seeking that tiny grain of positivity in each and every experience.

I am a teacher, you are a teacher…we all are. We influence each other with the different choices that we make each and every day. With each choice that we make, we send out energy, easily picked up by those around us…so help spread positivity by trying to make positive changes within the way you perceive life, and you’ll be the teacher that the person next to you may be seeking to learn from.


Love & Light to you & yours,


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