animal totemWhat are animal totems?

As we become more aware of our existance on earth, we become aware of all our surroundings. We look for signs to learn more about our path. We also become fully aware that every living thing on our beautiful Mother Earth is a part of us, an extention of who we are. We breathe knowing we are all connected, we are all one.

In the light of this reality, we understand that what comes into our own path can make a difference, can teach us the things we need to know. This is where animal totems come into perspective.

Animal totems can be described as animals that come into our life to teach us what we need to learn. In other words, an animal can come into our life to help us heal wounds from our past so that we can be fully at peace with who we have been and ready to become who we truly are within.

Sometimes an animal totem comes into our life to be killed by us accidentally, or to be saved by us through effort. An animal totem can also bring out negative aspects within our lives, especially when it comes to coming into contact with animals or insects we are afraid of.

To learn what these animal totems want to share with us, we need to observe the animal’s traits, what it does, what it likes, what it is scared of, what emotions it leaves onto us…once we take note of such things, all we need to do is to learn from it and apply what we learn into our lives.

Most times, animal totems won’t go away until you are ready to move on based on what you need to learn from them. Once we are ready, having learned what this animal totem needed to teach us, most times it just fades away to make room for another animal totem to teach us different things and help us grow.

animal totemTo give an example, one totem I have had in my life which has left an incredible impact on me has been a sparrow totem. A baby sparrow came into my life in Summer 2012 as being stuck in a small drainpipe in a street at a particular time when I don’t usually pass from. I laid onto my knees and got him out. I held him in my hands for about 10 minutes till I got home. It was just a baby sparrow who couldn’t even eat alone.

For two days I fed him tiny smudges of cooked egg from my finger every hour. So far so good. However, on the third day I had to go out having planned a day out about a week before. Needless to say, I came back to find him dead in his cage. My heart tore into pieces.

After the shock faded off I sat down and thought….yes I could have avoided going out that day, I could have just moved the day to another, but I hated having to disappoint someone else who was to come with us. It struck me then that my priorities weren’t right at that moment. I should have known that a baby sparrow had to be fed every hour, I should have realised that he would have died, but to avoid disappointing someone I let a baby sparrow die. A year has passed and I still think about him a lot…I buried him in a flower pot, but his soul flies around me still…

I eventually realised that this sparrow totem had come into my life to help me learn to prioritise in life. I learned that it is okay to learn to choose what comes first and what comes second, even if it means disappointing someone else.

Realising this has helped me to listen to what animal totems that come randomly into my life have to teach me. I respect each little creature as if it were a wise person, because every little creature deserves love and respect for all things it can teach.

So next time an animal comes into your life, stop and listen…what does this animal totem want to teach you?



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