Angel Card ReadingAngel Card Reading is a great way to get accurate answers to various aspects in your life. An Angel Card Reading gives assistance, clarity, peace and love with each and every reading given.

With each Angel Card Reading I pick up 3 cards representing the past, present and future. Through Angelic and my own Spirit Guides guidance I will give you the reading based on my own intuition. In other words, my Angel Card Readings are never the same as someone else’s as they are all done personally and specifically just for you.

To receive an Angel Card Reading kindly click the Buy Now paypal button below, and after your donation is sent you will be redirected to another page where you can fill in your details.

As you may understand, all readings are done personally and it takes time to do them. You will receive your Angel Card Reading directly to your inbox within 3 days. Kindly make sure that you insert the correct email address in the field provided to ensure you receive your reading safely.

If you do not receive your Angel Card Reading after 5 days please contact me again as sometimes the request forms get lost in my spam mail.



p.s. Please only request Angel Card Readings for yourself, and not for third party persons as doing so may result in wrong or inaccurate results since that would be meddling with others without their permission, which is wrong and should never be done. Thanks.