am i an empath? 6 signs im an empathAm I an empath?

A common question that many ask, especially those who are just starting taking interest into spirituality, psychic related phenomena, mediumship, healing and more.

There are 6 signs that can confirm you are an empath, but before we get to these 6 signs, let us start from the very basics…

Have you ever felt different than others? As if something is wrong with you? Have you ever found yourself wondering why you are always feeling sick, getting frequent headaches especially when out? If yes, read on these 6 signs that confirm you are an empath, because if you are you will not only feel relieved knowing why all this happens to you, but you will also learn ways to protect yourself and stop this from happening.

am i an empath? 6 signs im an empath6 Signs That Confirm You Are An Empath

  1. Feeling of being overwhelmed with emotions especially when out amongst crowds or crowded shops or supermarkets: It is very common for empaths to feel they need to avoid crowded areas. Empaths tend to notice instances when they go out feeling happy and notice emotional changes when amongst crowds, such as bursts of anger and sadness;
  2. Feeling others’ ailments: Empaths tend to pick up sickness from others they are surrounded with, and literally experience the pain as if it was their own. Similarly, empaths tend to have healing abilities, which they do by taking others’ ailments on themselves. This is not the appropriate healing way that an empath should use, but through learning, an empath can benefit from his/her empathic abilities and be able to effectively heal others without becoming depleted energy-wise;
  3. Feeling overwhelmed when watching television: Anything that aires on television transmits emotion, be it sadness, excitement, anxiousness, happiness, love…it doesn’t matter what kind of show it is, an empath picks up all these emotions, which eventually make it impossible to view anything on television without feeling overwhelmed, and yes, this also includes watching cartoons or animated movies. The emotions an empath picks up from such movies would be what the artist involved was trying to convey;
  4. Knowing the actual feelings beyond a person’s words: An empath cannot be fooled by reassuring words. An empath can pick up real emotions that another has, even if this other tries his/her best to hide them;
  5. Strangers opening up to you: An empath attracts those in need of a shoulder to lean on, or those who are in pain. An empath may feel surprised by the number of strangers that on their first meeting open up with their deepest secrets, worries or pains. Empaths radiate compassion, which makes those in need feel attracted to them;
  6. Feeling an urgent need to help, even if it involves someone who has hurt you in the past: An empath will not choose who to help based on what has been in the past. An empath helps no matter what. For this reason, empaths tend to have weak boundaries, because they tend to consider others’ needs before their own.

am i an empath? 6 signs im an empathIf you recognise any of the above traits in yourself in the above 6 signs that confirm you are an empath, then you are most probably an empath. If you are, I am sure that this article will surely have helped clear many of your doubts you may have had for years. Do not fear, for you can learn about Empaths Instant Protection Techniques that you may apply whenever you feel overwhelmed by others, and be able to stay protected and keep yourself from picking up others’ negative emotions.


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