manifesting abundance through daily positive affirmationsSometimes we get to a point where we start noticing that everything is turning out in a far different way than we may wish for…it is then when we should switch our attention from acknowledging what we may call ‘misfortune’ with manifesting abundance through daily positive affirmations.

Let’s dig into the concept of manifesting abundance first…

Everything is energy. We are energy. What energy we send out returns back to us. When we send out negative vibes through negative thinking and negative acting, we are unknowingly telling the Universe that we enjoy being in this state of negativity, and so the Universe provides us with more negativity. On the other hand, when we send out positive vibes, we are telling the Universe that this is what we love and expect of life, thus the Universe sends us even more positivity.

This concept is known as the Law of Attraction…what energy we send out, we attract back.

In this light we realise that WE create our own future life experiences based on what we are thinking right now.

So, if you reading this are one who thinks that somehow everything seems to happen wrong to you, NEWS FLASH, it does…why? Because you are sending a message to the Universe, saying, “yeah well everything bad happens to me, I’m a magnet for negative experiences, what else can I expect?”, then yes, what else should you expect? You are doing it all to yourself my friend!

manifesting abundance through daily positive affirmationsManifesting abundance is about manifesting positive things in your life, be it manifesting love, manifesting wealth, manifesting health, manifesting job…you can manifest ANYTHING you wish for, and it is easier than you may think!

If you feel you are stuck in a cycle of negativity that, as explained above, may be blocking your way to manifesting abundance in your life, fear not, for there are ways to break the cycle. One of these is the power of daily positive affirmations.

What are daily positive affirmations?

These are simple facts you tell yourself on a daily basis to help change your life for the better. This is a very effective way and easily done! So easy that even a little child can do it, as the video below shows, namely Jessica’s Daily Affirmation:

Adorable, isn’t she? Notice the certainty in her voice, she believes what she is saying, no doubts in her mind! That is the way it should be done!

3 Steps To Manifesting Abundance Through Daily Positive Affirmations

  1. After you wake up in the morning, stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes;
  2. Say positive affirmations while still looking yourself in the eyes. Mean every single word you say, believe all you say, show yourself you love yourself. Talk with gratitude and appreciation and mention all the things you feel blessed with;
  3. Get on with your day and keep a positive attitude no matter what. Find a miracle in everything around you, and search for that bit of positivity even when things get tough.

When you first start doing these 3 steps to manifesting abundance through daily positive affirmations, you may find that you cannot look into your own eyes without feeling anger or any other negative emotion. Do not worry if this happens, let the feelings surface, uncover any hidden negative issues, deal with them and become at peace with them until you find yourself looking at yourself with pride, knowing what has been in the past has made you the strong person you are today.

Similarly you may find it hard to look yourself in the eyes and talk about positive things about you. Again if this happens do what is suggested above.

Additionally, when saying affirmations, talk with gratitude, love and appreciation for everything. Mention all the things you want in a way that portrays yourself already owning them, as if you already have all you want and need. Feel it. Own the moment. Allow that feeling of overflowing love and happiness to wash all over you. That feeling is exactly what will set you in motion for more positivity and abundance in all areas of your life.

A couple of affirmations you could use would be:

  • I am happy
  • I am truly blessed
  • I am healthy
  • I have everything I want
  • I am loved just the way I am
  • I have found the love of my life
  • I am surrounded by positive minded people
  • I enjoy everything I do
  • I love my job and I enjoy every second of it
  • I have the perfect life
  • I have everything I could ever wish for

manifesting abundance through daily positive affirmationsTalk in the present tense, feel it, own it!

Repeat these 3 steps to manifesting abundance through daily positive affirmations daily, and you will not only start seeing everything turn out the way you want it to, but you will also see a drastic change in the way you perceive your daily experiences, feeling optimistic, enjoying life and surfing any waves that come your way with appreciation and happiness, feeling totally blessed.

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