spiritual awakening signsSpiritual Awakening can be explained as a shift in the way we think, from seeing ourselves in our physical selves to becoming aware of being part of a whole big thing, seeking to find our true self through seeking our soul, and what our soul purpose for this lifetime here on earth is all about

The Spiritual Awakening period may be seen as a dark tough period of time where everything starts to seem going downhill, with too many changes at once. It gets confusing to many, but knowing the signs and being able to recognise them as Spiritual Awakening Signs help release some of the tension it brings along.

There are many Spiritual Awakening signs that one may notice, but I am going to name 10 Spiritual Awakening Signs here…


  1. Change in sleeping pattern: You may find you need more hours to sleep every night, or you may find yourself suffering from insomnia and waking up every couple hours. Do not worry, this is your body adjusting to your new way of life;
  2. Crown Chakra activity: You may start to experience tingling, itching, headaches, crawling sensations or pressure on top of your head. This is your crown  chakra opening up to Divine Energy;
  3. Emotional rollercoaster: You may experience sudden bursts of anger, crying, sadness for no particular reason. This happens as your heart chakra opens up and releases past related blocked emotions. Do not fight these emotions, but acknowledge them, become at peace with them and let them go;
  4. Past negative issues keep surfacing: Do not keep going through these issues. Stop wasting your energy on them and instead accept what has been and release it to make room for more positive experiences;
  5. Body changes: You may find yourself losing or gaining weight and no matter what products you try, you feel completely unable to stabilise it. This happens as your body mind and spirit are changing. A holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle may help more than weightloss products at this point;
  6. spiritual awakening signsIncreased sensitivity: You may start to notice that your five senses have sharpened up. You may also notice shadows, sparkles of light, auras, hear your name being called…as your five senses sharpen up, your sixth sense start opening up, allowing you to percieve spirit and your own team of spirit guides. When this happens fear not, and keep in mind that you can always ask spirit to leave you alone if you are uncomfortable with this;
  7. One with the world: You will start to see yourself as part of the whole world and not just living in it. You will start to feel compassion towards all other living beings on Earth;
  8. Breaking free: You start to question all you have learned so far in a manner you never did before. You start building up your own ideas and beliefs. Let yourself go and learn to trust yourself;
  9. Synchronicities: You will start to notice that your life becomes full of synchronic events. This happens as you learn to let go of worries and focus on going with the flow, taking everything that comes along as another step to a more positive you. The more you allow yourself to live through the flow, the more synchronicities occur.
  10. Illnesses: Otherwise known as blocks. Illnesses occur when one resists changes. For every physical illness there is a spiritual related issue that one should look into. Letting go of worries and accepting changes we go through allows our energy to flow unrestricted within us, which clears our bodies from illnesses and toxicity.

If you are experiencing any or all of the spiritual awakening symptoms above, do not worry. This is all normal and once you adjust to your body vibrating at a higher frequency, you will feel more at peace with the changes and accept all as a process leading to your true self.

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